Updating of Photos and New Site

[Friday, 12 January, 2007]

Even though I was spared from the nine plus morning call, a ten plus one woke me up from the lack of sleep. I had dozed off right after my mum nagged me to finish a cup of milo at two plus, but that did not cover my lack of sleep from the day before.

I lived the day with fears of phone again. I managed to update the uncompleted property website with the latest four flats with pictures, at the same time, updated my blog with those photos I “owed”.

The time spent was quite efficient. However, the scripting part for the new website troubled me a lot. I realised there was a need to change my initial idea with the increment of contents.

At night, Yaozhong came online to release some of my stress with his free service to design images. Perhaps, I must be suffering from the designer-block again, probably due to the stress of using PHP. I had to overcome myself.

Since the designing of images would be more or less helped by Yaozhong, I should be concentrating on the design of the site’s programming.

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