Uploading of Chalet Photos

[Tuesday, 02 January, 2007]

Upon returning home from the chalet, my brother’s computer with the card reader was occupied throughout until the next day.

Due to the fact that my camera’s memory card capacity was small, I had used my mobile phone to take photos during the chalet as well. The switching of devices caused the flow of the event to be unorganised after uploading both to the harddisk. I had to sort them out before naming the photos in sequences.

At first, I realised the photos of the phone was dated accordingly to GMT 0 and that gave me a headache for I had to add eight hours to compare the lining up of the photos. Then, I realised after recharging the batteries on the second day, I had forgotten to set the time for the camera back after it automatically reset.

I had a very tough time arranging the photos, which was also more tedious than usual.

When I tried to upload them, the large filesize caused several termination of the process, which resulted wastage of time. Finally when everything was done, I realised the downloading speed was very inconsistent.

I repeated the same process into a second webhost and finally to a third webhost.

As I was editing the photos for my blog, I realised I made a small mistake in the organising of the third day’s folder.

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