Visiting Four Flats

I was supposed to go to the office to meet up with Kelly. I wanted to pass Winnie the Haig Road’s keys and get some commission letters from Regina and also some OTP forms from the HDB branch office. However, it was pouring in the morning and my plan to get a free ride on Kelly’s bike failed.

As I was leaving my house, Kelly called me regarding the valuation report for Haig Road. Suddenly I remembered my mum had recently collected a big envelope that was thought to be posted wrongly; she had asked my neighbours in case the sender had written wrong address which was somewhere close. I quickly went home to open that envelope and realised it was the $172.50 valuation report.

After crossing the road, I was quite stunned by a babe. She was walking along the roadside path and turned to the same direction as me. However, I did not slow down my pace for I was worried Mingfa would arrive anytime.

I met up with Mingfa at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station and we proceeded on to Bedok MRT in the crowded train. There were some delays caused by problems with the train before I boarded the train but we were on time. Whereas, Kelly was late as she was having some tough time at the office. Though I did not know what exactly she was doing, but I knew she had helped us with lots of stuffs so that we needed not go down to the office.

We went to the hawker centre and Meijun arrived to join us after completing the second interview for air hostess. A lady who shared the table when Mingfa left to find Meijun was enjoying her meal so much that I was quite tempted with her “zhu chang fen”. I was also worried that Meijun was not alone and it was might be a mistake to allow that lady to share the table but I was blessed.

I was craving for western food but the price smashed my idea and I decided to enjoy on a plate of nasi lemak for $2. Meijun ordered a $3 plate of rojak to share, which was a wrong choice. Some time after the stranger took her leave, another lady joined in without even asking for permission, which disgusted me for witnessing such an impolite Singaporean.

A recurrence of another unpleasant common problem since I last dined at the Bedok hawker centre pissed me off. A can collector was sitting on the next table, staring at us. I was sure that not all old people were forced to collect used cans due to financial problem and some were actually strong enough to find other jobs. But whatever the case, this staring was very irritating and uncivilised; it was not as if he was a waiter waiting to take any order. I was so observant that I told Mingfa immediately and since Meijun claimed that I was too loud, I purposely shouted, “You think people like to be stared while eating?”

Bedok North Street 1 block 204




We went to meet up with Kelly at the coffee shop under block 204. Then, we took the keys and went up to open the door the first time for a walk-up type of house. It was windy with its location just facing the main road, unblocked. Meijun’s presence somehow brought us luck like the previous Lorong Ah Soo Block 142, as the neighbour was eyeing this flat for her daughter and it seemed that we needed not even advertise for it if it was successful.

The next destination was block 102 at Avenue 1. I estimated it was a bit further than the distance from Tanjong Katong Road to Haig Road, which was walking distance to me. However, since it was raining and Meijun was tagging along, we decided to take bus 17 from interchange. Kelly took off in her bike and then we went to the interchange but Meijun had to wait for a person to get something, which delayed us. I was feeling bad for making Kelly wait alone.

Bedok North Avenue 3 block 102



Block 102 was quite alright. After some photo-taking, we rushed off again. We took bus 17 back to the interchange. We wanted to wash up at the coffee shop’s toilet but it was crowded and a man was sitting there to collect money, which was so rare. We crossed the road to MacDonald’s instead and later bought a cup of orange tea, which probably consisted of mandarin orange and green tea.

We took bus 25 from the interchange and the long journey began. Halfway, a lady left some coins on the seat opposite mine and a middle aged man took the seat, covered the coins with his hands. His hands kept still for quite some time before he secretly put them into his pouch. That was the pretence for some coins which was probably around thirty or fifty cents.

We dropped off before the interchange. Meijun did not seem very pleased after Mingfa woke her up and we went to a shop to look for her shoes wears. Kelly gave a few calls to my phone and I was feeling so guilty but could not do anything. After some long consideration, Meijun finally brought something and then the conclusion was that she would go down to Clementi ITE straight away instead of accompanying us to see the remaining two flats.

We rushed a cab over to meet up with the anxious Kelly. The cab driver was friendly but I felt so weird that he had to park his car at the slot instead of just dropping us down when we were already in front of the flat. At first I even thought he wanted to go up and view the house with us.

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 block 219

New flooring



Bishan Street 12 block 124



This flat at Ang Mo Kio was so impressively done. However, we could not figure out whether it was 4NG or 4A. Then, we proceeded to Bishan in a cab again. The rush was a disappointment and that I had to take the photos so fast. Mingfa was going to be late for volleyball while Kelly needed to cook for her family, whereas I was the only free one.

Mingfa and I walked to Bishan MRT after that and we went in our own ways. I tried to call Siuhang to meet up but he was not at home; there was no loss anyway since my socks were soaked with water and I should be removing it soon. Scenery was good on the train.

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