When it gets meaningless

Sometimes it is just too meaningless to blog when some words are not supposed to be spelt out to avoid problems.

Friends who have been following through my writing should know how detailed I can be, without even hiding my own mistakes. I’m sorry for being too pessimistic at times because things just happen to turn out bad too often. There is no need for sympathy since nothing helps. This is just a journal for me and friends who are truly concern.

I’m sorry when I do not make myself clearly sometimes which is on purpose; some points are only meant for me to keep as memory and maybe the people involved may not even understand fully. For example, if I mention someone has scolded me, it does not necessary mean it happens only hours ago.

It does not matter much to people who visit my website other than simply being concern about me but of weird intentions. I cannot control anyone’s imagination. Or perhaps, different people have different stories of same incidents, which does not matter for the land on another country is always dirtier.

Different people do different things.

When fire breaks out, some people try to put out the fire while some tend to pinpoint one of the tenants instead of helping. It might be seen as the adults’ fault for not guiding their children well.

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