When She Places Herself High Up In the Air

[Wednesday, 24 January, 2007]

I have been so busy nowadays that I cannot even add in new contents to my personal website, except that I still continue to update my blog regularly. Many entries are outdated still.

My mailbox is storing many interesting forwarded emails, which I do not have time to forward to other friends even after filtering. Since some friends are urging me to send them more emails, but I do take some time to do it.

I did mention before that it always take a lot of time to do it for I have to exclude the originators and our common friends, and also other chores such as to filter Chinese contents from non Chinese readers.

Since very long time ago I had emailed everyone in my list to ask if anyone wanted me to exclude him or her from the list. I do not understand why this sluggish foreign girl whom I had not chatted with for years messaged me to ask me to exclude her in the list only this day. The weird thing is she does read the emails.

Is she retarded?

A normal person will simply reply since years ago if she does not want to receive any email. At least, a sane person will not read through the forwarded emails if she does not like them.

We shall not focus on her brain problem, however, on her rudeness and arrogance. A bimbo who behaves like a hot babe is disgusting. If you do not have the looks, nobody will pick on you; but if you do not have the looks yet behaves like you are a babe, it will only give gooseberry to everyone. For example, I think I’m not handsome and thus I do not carry myself high up in the air in front of others.

It is really a serious problem with family upbringing for people who bark like a female dog. The way you talk to people who treat you with respect resembles how refine you are. Same goes to how you react to displease or disagreement; do not start insulting the other party.

It shows too deep what kind of person you are.

By the way, I have almost forgotten that in every five or more out of twenty-eight days of girls’ lives, they are less temperate.

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