No Reply from Agents

[Wednesday, 28 February, 2007]

It was yet another meaningless day. Even though sleeping hour was similar to usual days, I finally could wake up late without much disturbance to my sleep other than a SMS.

In the afternoon, Justus came over before I could do anything. This time, he was doing Chinese composition instead of the usual mathematics questions and it took much longer time. His Chinese was terrible. As usual, he was so easily distracted and thus wasting so much time. I took two video clips of him using my phone and he got quite angry somehow.

After he left, I started calling the agents to arrange for viewings for Kaven but all of them told me to SMS them instead. It was so different from what I had been doing; when I was selling the JTC flats, I was so professional and gave them reply almost immediately most of the time. I knew well I could not expect everyone to be as considerate as me.

As I waited on, none had replied me. The feeling was terrible and I was not sure if I was simply down-lucked. Throughout the day and night, I was considering about my work.

At night, I continued with uploading of outdated photos. Then, I also tried to update the property website but was quite lost with the design. I just could not appreciate my own work or perhaps, I was such a perfectionist.

Living On Phone and Dinner at Thai Restaurant

[Tuesday, 27 February, 2007]

I set a new record for these few months by sleeping only during daylight. Before I could wake up by myself to start into looking for flats for Kaven, numerous calls had flooded my ears. I answered to Jolee, Kelly and Mingfa. There seemed to be a dispute for using Jolee’s resale net just for doing valuation, which Kelly had clarified with the HDB officer that it was legal. The whole tiring issue lasted for hours.

I only managed to start calling to search for flats for Kaven in the afternoon. I got into some long chats with polite agents but I knew well I should never trust any stranger that much anymore. I was stunned when an agent claimed that she was not holding two units which Kelly had told me. I was further embarrassed by her when I asked about the type of the house – 5-room flats did not have type “NG” and “S”.

Justus’ grandmother came over and gave me a big ang bao. It was actually from Justus’ mum as she knew that I had been helping Justus with his homework occasionally for the past few weeks. I really appreciated the red packet though I was quite embarrassed to receive it; it was not for the money but the thought that really counted and that would make me very happy. Afterwards, I opened it and realised it was a fifty bucks note. Even though I really needed money a lot at this time, that was too big for me and even my mum gave us much lesser than that.

I went downstairs to meet up with Kelly to pass her the valuation request forms. Then, she told me Jolee was okay with helping us this one last time and since we did not want to waste the $172.50, we decided to stick with it. She quickly called Winnie and by the time Winnie was available, she had already cancelled that transaction but luckily it was still valid somehow.

After I went home, I took my lunch quickly and continued with my phone calls but either the rest of the agents did not pick up my calls or I suspected I had already called them before. Finally, I could not control my weary mind and aching back anymore and went into the room to rest. It was a very short nap before I went to meet Kaven.

As usual, I walked towards Lao Pa Sat by feet. He was working at Hong Leong building and I was almost stopped by the security who was working normal formal clothes. Luckily, he allowed me to go up as I told him I was only going to the car park at the seventh floor. I got to meet up with Kaven very soon.

He drove me to the restaurant “First Thai Restaurant” near National Library, where we previously missed it for the owner took a long rest during Chinese New Year period. I was not very comfortable taking Thai food and thus I felt quite guilty. Just as I was busy finishing up the last piece of chicken wing, Kaven went over to the cashier to foot the bill. I was too tired in my mind to even ask him for the price of the four plates of dishes. My plan was to give him a big treat in future once my income had stabilized.

We walked to Raffles City and he bought a cap right after visiting a few shops. If I were him, we would probably take hours to just shop for it. After that, we departed and I took bus 80 home.

I continued with calling up of other agents to check for flats. I searched through my previous list and realised I was right about calling up an agent whose flats were not eligible to Chinese, which saved my embarrassment of ringing him up again. I guessed I was really unlucky.

As it got late, I started uploading very outdated photos into my blog since it was too late to call anyone anymore. Yet again, I was distracted by the television when my mum got home. Both my younger brother and she had this bad habit of switching on the living room’s television whenever they reached home, no matter if they were going into the room or toilet.

Another Tired and Angry Day

[Monday, 26 February, 2007]

I was lack of sleep as usual from the sleep-late-wake-up-early routine.

I dropped by Uncle Sam’s shop and Lulu claimed that he was back and was settling his flat. I went up and only saw an Indian resting there. The condition of the house was lousy still.

I went back to the office for a number of tasks; I had to get the Shunfu keys from Louis, submit the valuation request, submit the block 219 Ang Mo Kio’s OTP and submit invoice form for Jenny.

Problems aroused and I was in quite a mess over deciding which task to accomplish. I could not find James and Jenny’s invoice required another invoice from her co-broke agent. Shunfu’s keys were not back yet. Suddenly, a hypocrite messaged me to fax valuation report over. Jolee suddenly told me she would collect hundred bucks if she had to go down for anyone’s appointment through using her resale net transaction account. Winnie had been a very good help this afternoon.

As it started to rain, I took my leave from the office. I went down to meet up with David and Kelly. We were so disappointed and Lulu was obviously not doing her work well. We could only feel sad for Uncle Sam but Lulu’s attitude was really very pissing.

When I got home, Justus came over again for mathematics problems. However, there was one question with broken English and I could not solve it for him. He had brought over some snacks bought from Japan but he refused to give me until I finished helping him. In the end, this stingy boy opened one out of the four packets and put into his mouth.

I did some complaints to Kaven afterwards about the bad people I had met these few days. At night, internet connection was down again.

Work and Bai Nian at Anqi’s House

[Sunday, 25 February, 2007]

I wake up in the morning in order to go for the viewing at early afternoon. It was the usual long way to Ang Mo Kio and I dragged on my feet when I was not feeling well. It was an unfortunate day indeed. I supposed I was the first agent who ever did not want to close a deal which I would make money.

I went straight to Buona Vista MRT and waited there for Meijun. Together, we walked to Ghim Moh to look for the rest and go up to Apple’s house. They started playing cards and I knew we would be late for the next appointment. We were supposed to meet the rest at 6.30pm at Queenstown MRT but they only planned to leave at the same time. I was quite nervous and kept looking into my watch for I did not like to be late. In the end, they only started packing up at 6.30pm and there were more things to drag about.

Weitat and I went downstairs to get some paper plates, spoons and forks. Mingen arrived with Tiffany and I was not sure what was wrong that Mingen seemed to be quite pissed off. Then I realised he was not joining us anymore.

Weitat, Apple and Meijun took a cab with me to Queenstown MRT. We were about half an hour late. Siewchin, Kok Chiang and Ruoci had already arrived, whereas Junrong had left to visit his friend meanwhile. Then, together we walked towards Anqi’s house. We met up with Mingfa and Wilson before going up together. They started playing cards but I did join in as usual. Suddenly Junrong called Weitat and since Weitat was not sure of the road, I was the best candidate to go to the bus-stop to fetch Junrong.

In fact, the gathering to me was quite a failure. Anqi was supposed to get her ex team-mates but none of them turned up. Whereas for my side, Mingli, Xinyi and Jinyang broke their promises last minute. Jinyang sent a message to the wrong number when he tried to explain to me that he was sick.

Brother met sister

My favorite picture (other than the one I took with her)

The dining room

The 3 girls

Weitat eating

Meijun and Apple (third shot and finally Meijun opened her eyes)

Wilson when he was about to mediate


The mediation




Pose for FHM

The grand winner

Biggest loser

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

Ren yao and babe

Anqi and Ruoci

They continued with the game while I entertained myself snapping around in the poor lighting. At times, I almost dozed off but Wilson outshone me more. We took group photos in the end and left at around 11pm.

Inside the lift

Kok Chiang’s cool pose

Act cute and ren yao


With my girl friend

I forget she’s attached…

I took the same path as Siewchin, Kok Chiang and Ruoci. I finally got to take phot
os with Ruoci after so long. Together with her and Kok Chiang, we shared a cab.

I’m a Sinner of the Property Line

[Sunday, 25 February, 2007]

In this world, you can classify working personnel into two types – one who works honestly and one who works scandalously for his own gain, even in the loss of others.

In my short journey in the property line, I have encountered many people who do not practise what they preach. They turn out to be despicable liars just like how it appears in dramas. I shall give you an example.

I-Da-Liar is the coordinator of a team who will make contacts with other agents and clients, and arrange all the viewing and timing for her team’s agents. In this unfortunate day, she contacts agent “Donator” to arrange a viewing for her clients who wish to purchase a 4-room flat in Ang Mo Kio.

Donator is a happy-go-lucky, frank and honest agent who represents the owner of the flat. The flat belongs to JTC (Jurong Town Corporation) and it is a project for his company. Since many companies are fighting over this project and some even offer zero commission, he receives no commission and therefore has to collect commission from the buyers, with or without the companion of an agent.

Since in the market there are standards for the amount of commission, such that sellers have to pay their agents 2% commission and buyers have to pay their agents 1% commission, it is difficult to handle the JTC flat without the sellers paying any commission.

There are two ways of handling the commission. The first way is that the buyers have to pay 1% commission to Donator. Donator’s company will take 35% of that 1% and the remaining amount will be split between both Donator and I-Da-Liar’s team, such that the buyers do not need to fork out any money to any agent. The second way is that the buyers have to give 1% commission to each of the agents – Donator and I-Da-Liar – and in total, 2% commission. Their respective companies will of course take part of their commission. However, in both cases, the buyers of the flat have to clearly understand and agree on the commission beforehand.

In many cases, the first way is used and that 1% from buyers is shared between both of the agents but however, the buyers’ agents will get another 1% directly from the buyers. This nice and cosy flat is sold below valuation, which means that the buyers will gain from it, unlike for other flats the owners are asking for extra cash value. Since Donator and his team have been working hard and in order to recoup their loss on transportation, food, time and energy, they decide to go for the second way such that they will not be “eaten” up by the co-broke agents.

Nevertheless, I-Da-Liar claims that her buyers do not wish to produce 2% commission. Since I-Da-Liar sounds so friendly and sincere on the phone, Donator decides to give her a chance to serve her buyers well and accept the deal of sharing 1% commission, such that her buyers will only come out with the 1% commission in total.

I-Da-Liar is actually working for two people – Pennis and Ni-Conned. During the first viewing session, I-Da-Liar sends two runners to bring the buyers over, Donator does not suspect nor mention much to his mentor. It is until when I-Da-Liar calls Donator again for second viewing, Donator tells his mentor about it clearly, which is too late, because as a beginner, Donator does not know this group of despicable agents are already blacklisted by many agents in the market.

On this very crucial day, Pennis goes down personally to close the deal. He starts to scandal and accuse Donator for taking commission from both sellers and buyers. Pennis is actually a very experienced agent, who is once Donator’s mentor’s boss, and knows everything about the JTC flats’ commission.

In the end, Donator and his mentor realise that Pennis is actually taking another extra 1% commission from the buyers when Pennis’ dog, I-Da-Liar, has claimed earlier that the buyers are not willing to fork out 2% commission. In this way, Pennis is able to earn 1% commission directly and another half of Donator’s commission.

For example, the selling price of the flat is at $224000, Donator should earn $1456 (65%) commission after his company absorbs $784 (35%) of his total commission. However, Pennis has now tricked Donator for half of his $1456 ($728) despite Donator has to pay for the advertisement and transportation fee and sacrifice so much of his time and energy.

Even though Donator is a new agent from a very poor family and needs money badly, what he loses most is the trust he has given to the cunning team who pockets his money. He does not mind losing this income but for the professionalism, he has to proceed for the sake of the seller (JTC). He can never forget how I-Da-Liar has betrayed his trust and how Ni-conned has pretended nice over the phone.

Donator decides to treat the money he has been conned of to be the funeral money for the cunning team of housing agents. He knows clearly even though they can live blindly and use the dirty money they get from cheating a poor guy, they will get their retribution one day.

From this story, I hope every agent can learn from Donator’s mistake to trust people too easily. If any agent comes across such despicable team of agents, please do not co-broke with them no matter how much you can earn from the deal. Whereas on the other hand, buyers should know that many top agents are cunning people and please do not engage their services.

YES, I HAVE LET THE ENTIRE SINGAPORE’S HONEST AGENTS DOWN. I’M A SINNER. I should not have entertained such corrupted agents in the first place.

Hereby, I wish all the best to all despicable agents. I hope their children will not encounter any mishap like torn of penis or born without any private part, their houses will not be broken into, they will not be struck by lightning during rainy days, they will not fall into drains while walking, they will not be choke while eating, they will not be drown while bathing, their cars will not crash with big lorries and their pets will not die of AIDS; and lastly, I wish heaven will open his eyes soon.

A Sickly Working Day

[Saturday, 24 February, 2007]

The night ended late but I was waked up by Christopher at 10am. Time for viewing was finalised to be at 1.30pm. I tried to laze around but eventually got up at 11am to start packing and gobble up the food. I went to Uncle Sam’s place and realised the flooring was not done up yet and there was also this foul smell.

On the way, I realised I had forgotten to bring my water bottle again. Sneezing had also tried to keep passers-by away from me. For moments I felt weaker than usual but still insisted to walk there.

Kelly reached Ang Mo Kio earlier than me. Christopher and his clients were very nice and friendly people. We stayed there for quite long in order to clarify things and Christopher helped us to put in really good and honest words.

After the viewing, we went in separate ways. I was more caution about my health this time and went to the MacDonald’s to get a cup of drinks. However, I did not seem to be able to slip in much water into my body as my stomach was bloated somehow. It got worse over a short distance and finally my mind was all about sitting down. I persisted till only at block 343 and rested down there. I supposed my face was pale by then. Surprisingly for that around half an hour’s time, I saw at least four babes passing by.

Taking train was as torturing and tiring as when I was a cripple. Without sitting down, I felt like vomiting sometimes and the trains were badly packed to allow me to take a rest. After reaching Boon Lay station, I alighted from the train and aimed for the stone seat immediately but some groups of people were eyeing the place as well. Given my character, I would definitely walk away but this time I was left with no choice.

After getting some rest, I walked towards my destination and reached the library where I changed my black company polo shirt into a red t-shirt. I was a little drenched by then but luckily the rain stopped for me to proceed on. It was another long and tiring walk but I managed to sustain my perseverance and reached the place. It was exactly where I first met Vanessa and her group of friends.

After I reached the flat, I was very turned off to see that out of all Zijun’s guests, I only knew Kevin. I was very bored especially when I felt so sick. We had a moment of “lao yu sheng” and later was scattering around of the guests and I was alone at a corner. When Kevin was going off to meet his girlfriend, I tagged along and he drove me to the MRT station.

Finally I got to sit inside the train and I got to even choose my own seat, which was actually a wrong one. The train got more and more crowded over time before it even took off. A very well dressed guy sitting two seats away from me was stretching something and he seemed so professional, whereas I took out my book to scribble words onto it. A person came in and spoiled my mood totally after he took the seat in between me and the artist. He sat in a way which quite bothered the artist and I even though he was not that big size. I was thinking, “This ugly guy is sitting in between the Singapore greatest artist and love story writer and yet he doesn’t want to sit in a more humble way.”

Suimin contacted me to find out about the time for “bai nian” together the next day. Then, I realised she was not free in the afternoon. I quickly contact Huiying and only then she told me she had changed the time to evening, which was out of question for Suimin to join in as well. I knew I had to start calling everyone about the invasion to Anqi’s house but before I could do anything, Aida called me and informed me there could be second viewing for her clients.

I wanted to call Kelly to inform her of the good news but my mum was holding onto the phone. I also had to call Anqi’s mum to confirm about it before spreading the time. I got so irritated after waiting for very long and finally I started using my mobile phone to call Anqi’s mum and Kelly to settle the stuffs. Then, I realised Anqi had forgotten to inform her mum that we were going to her house to “bai nian”.

It was until 9.30pm, I went into the room to check on my mum for the third or fourth time, I realised she was simply scrolling down her telephone book to ring up friends for chatting. In case she would have to pay extra money for my phone bill at the end of the month, I asked her to let me use the house phone first.

In the end, the viewing for the next day was set to 2pm. Anger got to me as I began to explore more things.

Witnessing the Presentation

[Friday, 23 February, 2007]

I was waked up by calls, being entertained by Christopher, Kelly, Jenny and Grace, and another agent called Eric. I was intending to go to office in the late afternoon to help Jenny to submit her invoice payment but I realised she did not pass me Linda’s name card and it was no point going to the office.

I was basically rotting my afternoon away, playing game till evening before I left home for Bukit Batok. Mingfa’s sister had this friend who wanted to sell away his house. So, I took this packed train at the busy hour and saw this girl in Fairfield Methodist Secondary School holding hands with a guy. She sounded like those sweet “ang moh” girl but she turned me off totally with her messy hair like as if she had been raped. Her nose ring kept me so puzzled throughout the journey over the discipline of the school.

I was too lazy to look at the map again as I was quite sure the flat was near the MRT station. Since the neighbourhood was undergoing upgrading, I almost thought I would get lost in the darkness. This time, I took initiative to ask for direction from a passer-by and finally met up with Kelly.

Mingfa and Meijun took cab over while Mingfa’s sister, Jennifer, reached almost at the same time. Then, we went up to the flat. The owners were very polite people and I believed they have brought each other happiness throughout their years of marriage. The house was an executive apartment, which was big and spacious.

We sat down for very long to discuss over the details but I was basically staring at Kelly and not understanding many things; it was too difficult for me to absorb everything at this point of time. We had some miscommunication and did not bring all the required documents like forms for valuation and exclusive letter. We spent over an hour there before Mingfa’s sister drove us to Bukit Batok MRT station.

The journey home was quite a pleasure. I was at first irritated by two guys at Jurong East who kind of squeezed with me by the door side when there were available seats around and thus I took one of the seats instead. A girl sitting opposite me caught my attention. She was not pretty but stylish in her own way, which was very unique. She kept me accompanied until Outram Park. Actually, I had this inspiration into writing but did not take out my notebook for the girl besides me was also writing something and I did not want to catch her attention.

My mum reached home soon after me. I was surprisingly facing hunger even though I had taken a packet of “char siew” rice before going out.

Tour around TPY and My Missed Opportunity

[Thursday, 22 February, 2007]

The boring routine of blogging and updating of website continued till late. Jolee called me in the morning to ask me to join her at Toa Payoh so that she could give me some guidance. At first I thought 12.30pm was a nice timing but I accepted her suggestion to meet at 1pm instead. Suddenly I looked into my phone and remembered the clock’s batteries had died and it was already near 12pm.

I realized my mum had bought breakfast for me and I quickly took a few bites before packing it up and put into my bag. I was quite impressed that I managed to get there before 1pm but she was late. After meeting up, she told me to go to the food court to finish my food while she went to the toilet. However, I felt uncomfortable with my stomach and went to the toilet nearest to the food court instead. It was one of the most pathetic toilets I had ever visited with cockroaches running about.

We went straight to ERA instead to meet her co-broke agent and were shown around. True enough, the place was much better than my company. Then, she showed me to DTZ, followed by PropNex. Therefore, this afternoon I finally got to know the location of the companies around Toa Payoh. While waiting for some documents to be done, I sat outside the HDB Hub and finished off the cold fried noodle bought by my mum.

When everything was done, we set off for our office. We took train to Tiong Bahru and transited to bus 16 to the interchange. Right after coming out from the lift, I saw the two polytechnic attachment girls. Jolee went to the toilet and told me to go inside first. The sweet girl opened the door and held it for me as she politely asked if I wanted to go in. That was the first time I ever talked to her but it definitely made me feel more like going to the office.

I went to find Louis for the block 219 keys immediately and had a little chat with him. I realized he used to study in real estate and therefore needed not even take the CEHA course to be qualified as an agent. That was so cool.

After coming out, I saw Jenny. Jolee and Winnie were besides her to settle some documents. I stayed at the office until around 6pm and was surprised to hear from Suimin. She wanted to meet me out because she was bored and this was one of the stupid days which I had to miss out good opportunity to take photos with babe.

I walked to Redhill MRT and then took the train to Ang Mo Kio. I took the underpass for the first time towards Ang Mo Kio Hub and then went straight to block 219. I was so early again. The agent, Lester, came late but his clients were worse. We began chatting and I realized he had only worked for less than two years. He was a nice guy and later on, we entertained his buyers together. I was not sure of the chance of success though. Suddenly I realised I was so muddle-minded to tell the earlier buyers the MacDonald’s operating hours was twenty-four hours. I quickly messaged Lester to inform them of my mistake.

Back to the journey towards Ang Mo Kio MRT, I took a little walk around the Ang Mo Kio Hub again for I realized there were some shops opening on the second level already. I saw naked models in many shops, but too bad they were not humans. There were a number of empty shops and I wondered if company had booked them. I started dozing off on the train afterwards.

Dinner was great for the simplicity. My mum had finally cooked and they tasted quite good.