Another Tired and Angry Day

[Monday, 26 February, 2007]

I was lack of sleep as usual from the sleep-late-wake-up-early routine.

I dropped by Uncle Sam’s shop and Lulu claimed that he was back and was settling his flat. I went up and only saw an Indian resting there. The condition of the house was lousy still.

I went back to the office for a number of tasks; I had to get the Shunfu keys from Louis, submit the valuation request, submit the block 219 Ang Mo Kio’s OTP and submit invoice form for Jenny.

Problems aroused and I was in quite a mess over deciding which task to accomplish. I could not find James and Jenny’s invoice required another invoice from her co-broke agent. Shunfu’s keys were not back yet. Suddenly, a hypocrite messaged me to fax valuation report over. Jolee suddenly told me she would collect hundred bucks if she had to go down for anyone’s appointment through using her resale net transaction account. Winnie had been a very good help this afternoon.

As it started to rain, I took my leave from the office. I went down to meet up with David and Kelly. We were so disappointed and Lulu was obviously not doing her work well. We could only feel sad for Uncle Sam but Lulu’s attitude was really very pissing.

When I got home, Justus came over again for mathematics problems. However, there was one question with broken English and I could not solve it for him. He had brought over some snacks bought from Japan but he refused to give me until I finished helping him. In the end, this stingy boy opened one out of the four packets and put into his mouth.

I did some complaints to Kaven afterwards about the bad people I had met these few days. At night, internet connection was down again.

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