Chinese New Year Eve 2007

[Saturday, 17 February, 2007]

The day began with dining with Weitat and Kailin at Geylang. We had our supper at Wang Jiao Dian Xin instead of You Tiao Da Wan for the latter shop was closed for the festival. Food was just alright but service was terrible.

While we were walking back to the car park, my mum called and when she heard a girl’s (Kailin’s) voice besides me, she just assumed that was Vivi. At this moment I did not know how I should feel. I did tell my mum before we were through already but somehow she did not get it or she refused to get it. Perhaps, she did not get to see Vivi often since long ago and that was why she was used to it, like me, that she did not realise it was history already.

Kailin drove me home and followed by Weitat. I was sleepy but energetic somehow, however, did not lead the route well enough that Kailin had to make a big round at Chinatown.

I continued with the clicking of the “hug” website for Suimin, and that was very time-consuming and dull. My elder brother was packing his house and finally there was some space for me to stand in front of the walk-in wardrobe to pack the stuffs. The room was so dusty that I had a few rounds of sneezing.

Afterwards was discussion with Irwin about his new website for the new product, the CLY phone charger. I continued to do my stuffs until daylight.

Having slept less than four hours, I was waked up by an agent enquiring about the Ang Mo Kio flat. I had by then totally forgotten about block 610 and only knew it was on the third level. So, it was another awkward time on the phone again.

I did not go back to sleep. I spent the afternoon more wisely on updating of my websites. My affiliation with Adsense was improving but still far from ideal case. It was however very frustrating that given the amount of page impressions, I could get more money from other advertisements source.

I started some packing of my work area. Then, I continued with a little cleaning up of the house in the late afternoon. My mum was doing quite dangerous chores in the kitchen. My elder brother was asleep the whole afternoon while my younger brother was out with his friends. I felt frustrated that I actually needed more sleep than my elder brother but I did not want to leave everything to my mum. She packed the living room’s table as well, which none of the rubbish on top belonged to me – that was why I could not and did not know how to pack it.

My younger brother returned during evening to add on extra shoes to the messy living room floor. I called him to come out from the bedroom later and questioned him about how many pairs of shoes wears he had on the floor but he did not care about the mess. Believe me it was impossible and that was why I had given up on the condition of the house since long ago.

The reason why I hated reunion dinner returned again. The big table was pulled nearer to my computer and there was so limited space. During dinner, the oily gas would fly to the computer with the fan blowing from the front. I quickly moved my webcam backwards in case it would be harmed.

My elder brother continued to sleep and my younger brother joined him soon but in the other room. The sleepiness and backache pinned me on the bed as well and when my mum started calling out for dinner, I tried so hard to ignore her. Eventually, I was the first to go to the living room, feeling so irritated that my siblings were not very bothered with the dinner.

My mum started two cooking sources, one for soup and another for steamboat. The dinner was quite alright for we were always helping each other to prevent the food from being burnt. I hated the oily smell on my body after steamboat but that could not be helped.



The Tan family

My neighbour, Tan Kok Hin came over with his daughter. He wanted to test his DVD but realised he could only use his burner to watch it. After that, my younger brother and I followed him back to his mum’s house. Actually I did not really want to go over in case they thought I was just greedy for ang bao. Luckily I received none.

We spent most of the time watching television there.

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