Chinese New Year Greeting Message

[Monday, 19 February, 2007]

There were so many different types of greeting messages for each festival and friends would forward them around so that I would receive duplicates. For me, I chose to be original and created my own. Then, I forwarded it to around two hundred plus number of people.

If you did not receive my message, please update me with your number!


Some friends replied me that they could not read Chinese even though they were Chinese, and thus I had done a translation of it to English below.

The fortune-teller foresees that you are lucky this year because you have a lucky star. I give him a big red packet “ang bao”, and he reveals the secret of the heaven – there is a cute guy born in the year of pig who is going to wish you “happy new year”. The red packet costs two hundred dollars and you can choose to pay me back by installment.

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