Clearing of Links

Some people say being too selfless is also being selfish and unkind to oneself, but it does not cost much to me as long as my friends are worth it.

I have been very magnanimous about friends not linking their blogs back to mine. I do not expect every friend to be concern about me even when I bother to even add their addresses into my Bloglines account so that I can be notified of their new updates.

From many aspects, I know clearly who are really concerned about me and who are simply hi-bye friends.

The idea of having many links from people to show popularity is not what I really seek for; it is the consistency of readers who really admire my essays or want to know more about my life.

But this day when someone threatens to unlink me, I feel so sick suddenly. If I care so much, I would have bothered to go around asking all my friends to link me back.

A disappointing afternoon makes me remove all the dead links and links for people who do not seem to bother about me. My links list is thereafter shorter and neater.

Anyway, for those who use to enter my website, please change it to instead. And for those who link to, please note that if one day it is gone, will be still around.

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