Completion of the Fujitsu Notebook Reformatting

[Sunday, 11 February, 2007]

So much for handling the Fujitsu notebook, I slept at quite a late hour again. I woke up before 10am to start looking at the newspapers. I did some circling and marking out of some potential flats and time passed fast.

It was my first time calling and making enquiries about flats but luck was not with me. The flats were either sold out, not eligibility to Chinese, or not suitable for PR (Permanent resident) due to future upgrade.

I was about to send Kaven a message, typing halfway, when he called me. He invited me to view house with another agent at Bukit Batok and I told him embarrassingly that I could not find any flat for viewing later.

After that, I started into problem solving the notebook again. It was frustrating for everything was working fine except that no sound was coming out.

I waited quite long for him to arrive and he drove me over. That agent was quite friendly and the two flats were quite nice. The locations were very good for they were near the MRT.

I almost wanted to burst out laughing when we got into Kaven’s car to go over the opposite building across the street. Both Kaven and I sat in front and did not put on the seat belts. Suddenly I heard a “click” sound behind and I turned back to see the agent putting it on.

I could not stand formality. That agent was doing it not because he was doubting Kaven’s driving skill but to give good impression that he did not want Kaven to be booked by any traffic police. I could not imagine in future I had to do that as well when I was attending to other clients.

Afterwards, we went to West Mall and I went to the library to look for Edgar who helped me to solve the mystery of no sound output from the Fujitsu laptop. It was merely due to a hardware configuration that I had to adjust the sound using the “function” key with two buttons on the top, and the adjusting of volume was not shown on display somehow. Basically, there were two controls of the sound and both had to be adjusted before any sound can be produced. One interesting fact that Edgar taught me was that sometimes when Fujitsu’s notebook refuses to produce any sound, plug in a headphone and remove it.

I met up with Kaven again after he fetched money from the ATM machine. Then, we went to Sakae Sushi for dinner. He taught me a lot about the food. When he wanted to pass me the fifty bucks for reformatting the notebook for him, I refused to accept it for I was not used to charge friends for that.

He sent me to Clementi and after he left, I noticed about the tangling wire from my bag and realised I forgot to put the power cable back into the notebook’s casing. Then, he made a detour back.

Suimin was supposed to call me back at night but she cheated on my feeling!

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