Dinner with Kaven

[Thursday, 08 February, 2007]

It took Kaven quite a while to persuade me to join him for dinner. We were supposed to meet up just for him to pass me his old notebook for reformatting and I found it difficult to turn him down.

We were supposed to meet up at a Thai restaurant near Beach Road, which was opened by his friend. The traffic was slow and the packed bus had to pause quite long at each stop for passengers to board and alight. Seeing that I was running out of time, I alighted one stop earlier and dashes towards the destination.

Being Singapore’s most road-idiot real estate agent, I managed to find the shop soon, which was near the National Library, however, it was closed. After standing there for some time while waiting for Kaven to get back to me, a voice called for me and I realised it was him. I got into his car immediately.

He was thinner than in the photo and was much more mature than his usual crappy character in MSN. He took me to a seafood stall somewhere nearby, where we ordered some dishes to share. Then, we started chatting non-stop. The dinner cost around $32 and I was quite shocked.

Later on, he sent me home and passed me his notebook. I was quite amazed for it seemed to be as old as my Toshiba one. Before I could finish installing the windows, Kelly had arrived.

I went downstairs to meet up with her and got a list of houses from her. After some explanation, we went to see Uncle Sam. Later, we had some discussion before we went on our own ways.

I continued with the installation of windows after that.

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