Early Morning Jog

My laziness delayed me till after midnight when my determination won over it. I dragged myself down to the third storey where I usually jogged at the open space. Six rounds around the neighbour were killing me right at the second lap when my stomach started to act weird.

At first I thought it was either my stamina had weakened once again or sleepiness had caught me, until the last round when I realised I had forgotten to take in deep breaths. I had to slow down and both my palms had to press onto the sides in order to comfort my stomach.

I always thought I would outrun the previous timing which was the worst of my entire records. I had failed entirely. 16’07 – to me, it was such a disgrace.

Anyway, before I went down, I had a short chat with my fake sister, Kailin, who promised to jog with me next time. We also had a rule that she should never run faster than me.

After the jog


Sweat? Yes, under the dead skin!

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