Fast and Furious

[Thursday, 01 February, 2007]

I was waked up by Kelly’s SMS at around 10am but before I could resume my rest before replying to her, she called me.

My backache was worse than ever for the day. I had to resort to use electronic application to massage my back but when I wanted to do the second round of fifteen minutes session, the batteries seemed to have died out.

Afternoon was updating of my websites, especially on the unreleased property one. It was during evening when Kelly arranged to meet up with me at 8pm for flat viewing at Toa Payoh. I quickly called my mum but just after she brought my dinner home, Kelly asked me to go to office immediately to retrieve the keys. I quickly got changed, switched off my computer and left with the packet rice.

On my way, an agent called me to enquire about the Ang Mo Kio flat. She was not as professional as other agents to introduce herself, such that I did not know her name. I was as holy as usual, giving her all the details and she started nagging. I supposed she was more experienced than me and obviously much older, but her brain seemed to be tiny and immature. After explaining to her, she refused to listen and insisted in talking like as if my company and JTC owed her money.

I was new but professional and kind on the phone. I had explained that many companies were fighting over this JTC project that some companied had even offered negative commission (have to pay JTC for selling their property instead of getting any money from them). That was crazy but inevitable a true fact in the industry now. The heads of the companies were brilliant enough that they knew earning “little” was better than earning nothing at all.

This lonely auntie agent could not stop repeating the same words. It was such a shame that she was actually from a bigger company. She claimed that even though JTC’s flats were sold at very reasonable prices, she could help her buyers get much cheaper ones. She claimed that she had just closed a deal to help her buyer acquire a similar flat at $200k, whereas the one I was holding was $224k; I realised she was a fool after so many years in this business for flats at different location even though same district had different values.

One funny crap that she said was she was going to gang up with other agents to condemn my company’s agents, which was as scary as a child’s threat. She also tried to instigate me to get all the hundreds of agents in my company to refuse to sell the JTC flats. I thought that was funny for I might think of same tactic to battle my enemy during primary school. So, I treated her like an ignorant child and explained to her that I was just a peanut in the company and had no influence but she refused to listen just as expected.

I felt like telling her the fact that she was really annoying even though I was so friendly over the phone but after reconsidering the fact that she might have been ditched, I held back. So, I continued to listen to her bullshit from walking to the bus-stop, waiting for the bus, till before alighting. Then, I started to reflect over why I was listening to an alien for so long; even a child would be brighter than her.

I maintained my top speed in the brisk walk. Just before reaching my office, there was a man dressed up more formal than me tried to stop me. I knew I was running out of time but he talked like as if we were having a million dollar business deal that he had to be slow and careful. From the start I guessed he was either asking for money or borrowing of phone. I was not sure why but I was so holy to entertain him. He claimed that he could not contact his boss and had to borrow some money from me, which was extreme questionable. However, the angelic and busy me, took out my remaining coins and handed over to him. It was really stupid of me for he was most probably a crook.

Finally, I reached the seventh storey but when I stepped out of the lift, I turned back and almost wanted to close the door. I came out again and looked at all the different labelling in doubts, but decided to try my luck. It was indeed the correct floor. I went into the office but hesitated to go into the administration office for there was a new rule urging people not to step inside. Regina had probably left for home and the reception area was empty.

I took the risk to go in and was glad to see Louis. This helpful, kind and smart-looking guy was so familiar somehow. He passed me the keys and being polite, I asked if he had taken his dinner. Since I could only get to eat my dinner an hour later, I told him to take my lunchbox. I was very glad that he accepted it for he had been helping my team so much.

I quickly rushed off. I could take bus towards Outram Park MRT but considering the traffic flow, I chose to walk to Redhill MRT, which could be faster and cost-saving. My pace was faster than anyone on the roads. In the train, I felt so uneasy when I took out my phone for the nine pairs of keys were chained to the pouch.

After reaching Braddel MRT at 8pm sharp, I resumed my speed again and was surprised that the exit was just in front of a flat. My destination was less than fifty metres away. It took me some time to meet up with Kelly and then I realised she was meeting the agent half an hour later and that was why she told me to relax. Then, she started to burn incense papers for Louis had told her that flat could not be sold somehow even though so many buyers had viewed it.

View from corridor

Living room and flooring

Living room and two bedrooms

Kitchen, bathroom, toilet and extra room

I loved the house for its design and location even though it was facing the car park. Upgrading was done and paid for and the living room was so big.

When the first clients arrived, I was quite shocked for the guy looked quite unfriendly and did not even shake my hand. The lady was so hyperactive and pleasing that her smiles had lightened the night. She insisted in staying behind but her agent hurried them to the next flat.

Another group arrived soon and they seemed to be quite interested. The earlier couple came back wanting to pay for the deposit and Kelly told me to bring them down to somewhere to do the documentation first. Later, their agent insisted to go up to settle it but the second group of viewers had requested to buy it as well and were willing to fork out higher price. I was at a tight spot but Kelly kept her words in the end.

We went up and started to do all the documentation. Everything was ready except for the valuation report as well as the client’s HDB loan eligibility letter.

The following days would be very busy for this new change, which had excited Kelly so much. The returning of all JTC flats’ keys to the office was a great chance for us to prove ourselves. I was quite puzzled for the previous agents could not sell this unit when it was so near to the MRT. So, after this night, the total number of JTC flats in my company’s possession was reduced to forty-eight. We did not let the administration staffs down.

My $5 Malay style fried rice with mee goreng’s taste with egg and half chicken wing. Quite nice tasting though.

Kelly sent me home and this time she seemed to have ridden her bike faster than ever. Then, she paid for my dinner again at the “Golden Café” coffee shop. I reached home at around 11.30pm.

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