From the Wises

[Tuesday, 30 January, 2007]

Sometimes we get very inspired when chatting with people. If you have been through years of life like me, you would probably have heard of many good morale, goals or logics of life.

However, knowing them and able to apply them are different matters. Occasionally, we do need others to remind us of all the good virtues, ideas and motivation of life.

I was chatting with Ganz this morning and his words stunned me.

I have been living in a world where I always sacrifice for friends, but as a result, putting myself into agonies at times. With the heroic thinking – I should be happy when my loved ones are happy.

I can never deny that when I sacrifice so much for others in order to make them happy, there is some pain I have to bear; it is not the most ideal situation then. So why not think of it in another angle, that I can simply make myself happy so that my surrounding people can be happy too?

On this very same night, I had a chat with my beloved sister, Jenrine. It was just a causal asking of why she would take up the tedious part time job as a telephone operator for Singtel. Upon receiving the answer, I felt so ashamed of myself.

She explained that she would never take up such job in future and thus was giving it a shot when she had the time now to gain the experience.

Lousiness gasped down my throat and filled my entire body immediately.

Because of fears and toughness, I had given up many opportunities in the past. I never had the drive to push myself and had always resigned to fate.

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