Giving Up On the Old Foxes

I was waked up by James at 9 plus in the morning. So much for him not informing me his change of mind last night for not coming down, he wanted me to bring the keys back to the company. Then, he told me he had advertised for the rental and had a client who he was too busy to attend to and would like to pass the client to me. I knew he want to make use of me to go down to do free duty again and that even if this deal was clinched, I would have to spilt the pathetic small amount of money with him evenly and that I would do all the shit work alone.

So, I was very grateful to Kelly and Jolee for teaching me how those old foxes tried to take advantage of others. “There’s no free lunch in this world” – this could be applied to most but not all people like Kelly and Jolee who were giving me free teachings.

Instead of the next duty personnel or the manager who had a car coming over to fetch the keys from me, I went down to the company as a charity again, to hand a bunch of keys over to Regina on the way. I wear a t-shirt with jeans, covered with jacket, so that in case James would try to persuade me down to the show flat for the mosquito-killing job, I could have an extra excuse.

Anyway, on the way I had to message Melissa, Lynn’s friend, that I was not able to get a flat for her at Bedok. Kelly had tried but the agents did not want to co-broke, leaving us no choice but to give up. Jolee had advised to not to waste time on this as well.

Then, in the later part of the day, Jolee informed me of the latest update for the Boon Lay Drive rental. Someone else had actually booked some of the earlier done flats and that could be the reason why the office did not want to accept her client’s contract. This was a very disgusting office policy played by those assholes who would only help those old foxes who sucked up to them. Since they were playing such game, I knew well I had no chance to step into this student hostel project even if I had the tenants.

I came to a confirmation of the reason why the company was trying to take in more agents – to put a false front that they had enough manpower to take in bigger projects and to earn each of their $500 registration fee. But in fact the old foxes would just absorb everything; the underlings would have no chance to perform or to even make a living.

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