I’m a Robot

[Monday, 05 February, 2007]

After so many months, this was the first day I slept with my computer on. I was too shagged from the lack of sleep, sunburnt, dehydration and muscle ache that I did not hold it long before dozing off while taking a rest on the bed.

For the entire day, I felt so stiff all over like as if I was a robot. Standing up from the chair was tedious enough and not to mention, getting up from the bed. My muscle was exhausted and the burnt skin threatened to pierce me each time I was about to move.

I took another long nap despite waking up late. During evening, Kachua messaged me in MSN and asked if I wanted to have dinner with him. Since my mum had not bought my dinner home, I decided to accompany him. We went to the coffee shop near the bus-stop and other than getting so sick of eating from the same place each time, the food was really not very outstanding despite the competition next door.

I managed to catch the last episode of the 9pm channel 8 show surprisingly. Due to my work, I had missed so many episodes of the good shows, but I would not mind if the reward was good enough.

At night, it was when the worst pain appeared during bathing. Basically, I could not rub my back and had to let the cold water rinse on my body.

I got especially busy. Sorry to Huizhuang that I had not tried Xanga and thus not able to offer much help.

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