Life Is Getting Boring

[Friday, 16 February, 2007]

It had been quite some time since I last had a dream. I remembered during the army days I had dreams almost every night, which could be caused by depression or anxiety. Therefore, I guessed life was much better right now, at least I did not have to follow instructions from any asshole. Of course, I used to get more allowance, the pathetic $520 each month.

Kelly waked me up regarding Uncle Sam’s matter and I finally got up at around 2pm. Kelly contacted me an hour later and I went downstairs to find Uncle Sam afterwards. Then, I met up with David and he taught me some stuffs on rental. he treated me tea, which I regretted not fighting over to pay for it. Soon, we went over to find Uncle Sam together and I called Kelly, which lasted like ten minutes for she wanted to hear the conversation. Later on, I was drenched.

Before I could get home to rest, I saw an uncle try to help his old mum up the stairs. I rendered my help by carrying the wheelchair up. His mum was staying in old folks’ home but was returning home for the festival. The problem could be solved if the lift could stop at every floor instead of at the middle of two storeys, having to climb up or down one flock of stairs; it was very inconvenient for anyone with walking difficulties.

Anyway, I had helped them before but they could not remember me anymore and as for me, I had also forgotten how to close and open the wheelchair; it was a refresh of the lesson. Like the previous time, I helped them till near their house and climbed the stairs down.

At night, I went for haircut. The rest of the time was spent on watching television shows and news. Weitat called me and then we agreed to go out together. I went downstairs to meet him and Kailin after 11pm and we were quite lost to go anywhere. Kailin drove off aimlessly and finally we reached Geylang because Kailin did not want to try parallel parking at the roadside near Lau Pa Sat.

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