Living On Phone and Dinner at Thai Restaurant

[Tuesday, 27 February, 2007]

I set a new record for these few months by sleeping only during daylight. Before I could wake up by myself to start into looking for flats for Kaven, numerous calls had flooded my ears. I answered to Jolee, Kelly and Mingfa. There seemed to be a dispute for using Jolee’s resale net just for doing valuation, which Kelly had clarified with the HDB officer that it was legal. The whole tiring issue lasted for hours.

I only managed to start calling to search for flats for Kaven in the afternoon. I got into some long chats with polite agents but I knew well I should never trust any stranger that much anymore. I was stunned when an agent claimed that she was not holding two units which Kelly had told me. I was further embarrassed by her when I asked about the type of the house – 5-room flats did not have type “NG” and “S”.

Justus’ grandmother came over and gave me a big ang bao. It was actually from Justus’ mum as she knew that I had been helping Justus with his homework occasionally for the past few weeks. I really appreciated the red packet though I was quite embarrassed to receive it; it was not for the money but the thought that really counted and that would make me very happy. Afterwards, I opened it and realised it was a fifty bucks note. Even though I really needed money a lot at this time, that was too big for me and even my mum gave us much lesser than that.

I went downstairs to meet up with Kelly to pass her the valuation request forms. Then, she told me Jolee was okay with helping us this one last time and since we did not want to waste the $172.50, we decided to stick with it. She quickly called Winnie and by the time Winnie was available, she had already cancelled that transaction but luckily it was still valid somehow.

After I went home, I took my lunch quickly and continued with my phone calls but either the rest of the agents did not pick up my calls or I suspected I had already called them before. Finally, I could not control my weary mind and aching back anymore and went into the room to rest. It was a very short nap before I went to meet Kaven.

As usual, I walked towards Lao Pa Sat by feet. He was working at Hong Leong building and I was almost stopped by the security who was working normal formal clothes. Luckily, he allowed me to go up as I told him I was only going to the car park at the seventh floor. I got to meet up with Kaven very soon.

He drove me to the restaurant “First Thai Restaurant” near National Library, where we previously missed it for the owner took a long rest during Chinese New Year period. I was not very comfortable taking Thai food and thus I felt quite guilty. Just as I was busy finishing up the last piece of chicken wing, Kaven went over to the cashier to foot the bill. I was too tired in my mind to even ask him for the price of the four plates of dishes. My plan was to give him a big treat in future once my income had stabilized.

We walked to Raffles City and he bought a cap right after visiting a few shops. If I were him, we would probably take hours to just shop for it. After that, we departed and I took bus 80 home.

I continued with calling up of other agents to check for flats. I searched through my previous list and realised I was right about calling up an agent whose flats were not eligible to Chinese, which saved my embarrassment of ringing him up again. I guessed I was really unlucky.

As it got late, I started uploading very outdated photos into my blog since it was too late to call anyone anymore. Yet again, I was distracted by the television when my mum got home. Both my younger brother and she had this bad habit of switching on the living room’s television whenever they reached home, no matter if they were going into the room or toilet.

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