Miracle, House Viewing and Out with Xiao Hong

[Saturday, 10 February, 2007]

I struggled throughout the night to settle Kaven’s notebook but it seemed to be effortless no matter how I tried. A four letter word filled my mind and I was so helpless…


I almost wanted to tell Kaven that I would like to give up, whereas he seemed to be quite expertise on it and provided me with some solutions which I had tried. Out of frustration, I decided to rollback the system to right after installation of windows using the System Recovery.

It was a touch of life, a miracle reached me.

I was testing the sound by opening the Windows Media Player and since the default page was the online information, I could sense the weirdness that it could be displayed. Therefore, I opened the Internet Explorer and the MSN page was showing up. My brother suspected it could be due to the cache and I quickly typed the Google website and it showed up as well.

The internet connection as well as the home networking for the laptop was doing fine!

After the weird but fortunate encounter, the first thing I did was to update the Norton Antivirus. Then, I quickly did the windows update, which took very long time. It was a big battle against my sleep when I was idling on the bed.

Sadly, the sound was still unable to work, but since I had house viewing in the early afternoon, I decided to go to sleep right after the first batch of updates ended.

I woke up quite early to continue with the remaining updates. I was delighted to see the Yamaha driver and quickly selected it. Even though there were only seven updates in all, it took really long time to finish downloading and installing that I had to leave the notebook on while rushing off to Tampiness.

On the way, I continued to persuade Suimin not to trim her hair furthermore but she insisted. I reached the flat around fifty minutes earlier. I was actually quite glad that the co-broke agent had changed from Stephen to Jimmy because previously I did not give him too much of good impression.

It was my first meeting with Jimmy and he did not offer me any name card, which I felt so weird with; that was supposed to be the most basic courtesy of all agents and he should be so much veteran than me to know that. Anyway, the two buyers, mum and daughter were not very satisfied with the house, especially the daughter who repeatedly told her mum it would be very noisy since it was so close to the MRT track. Overall, they were all quite friendly. However, Jimmy left the flat without saying anything to me and I felt it was really very rude.

It was around 2pm and I started to wait for Edmund who claimed that he had an appointment at 2.30pm. I thought he would be earlier for his appointment but I waited until 2.45pm when I started to call him. The first time, he was on another line and I purposely rang it till it automatically cut off the line. I tried again some time later but could not get through his line. That was very unprofessional for I had offered to sacrifice my time for him there to pass him the keys but he did not make an effort to even inform me he would be late.

I started closing all the windows and when I was at the kitchen, he arrived. He was on the phone still and we greeted each other with hand signs. A guy seemed like his co-broke agent came to me smiling and started questioning me. I felt it was quite absurd to handle the deal for Edmund when he had already hold so much of my time, and therefore I quickly made my move after he put down the phone. However, I was wondering how he managed to get such hyperactive and friendly co-broke agent.

I went to East Point Shopping Centre for the first time in my life. Siu Hang started messaging me to say that an agent had messaged him regarding property. As I was trying to walk around the place, Siu Hang called and asked me out. We agreed to meet at Cityhall after so long of indecisive. I was expecting him to suggest the place for he was the bored one and I was actually quite tied down with work at home. As I was approaching the MRT station, I saw Long John Silver’s and the smell seemed like emptying my stomach more.

I reached my destination at around 4pm but Siu Hang was late. Thus, I sat down on the chair right after alighting from the train. Scenery was good and I assumed all the babes were crossing over to the train towards Orchard.

After Siu Hang came, we met up at the control station and went to Raffle’s City. We had our lunch at Burger King and I took the extra spicy chicken sandwich meal for an extra dollar, which I did not check. Then, I was quite regretful of my choice.

When our stomachs were filled, we moved on to Suntec City and on the way, I was feeling awful again for my stomach being so bloated. I used to hear from the elderly that we should take a walk after eating but my body seemed to work differently.

He who loves Jasmine, tea

Ice cafe AmericaNO drink milk, freshly taken out from toilet

Another angle

With vanilla powder


Xiao Hong’s turn

In order not to waste paper, folded from flyer

Ice Mocha acts cute

Artist at work again

Looking at girls outside


More lights

If you forget to bring sunblock, use marker instead

After drinking the ice cafe americaNO drink milk

We ended up at the Starbucks and I never had the intention to dump anything, inclusive of water, into my stomach. Nevertheless, I had a cup of “Ice Café Americano”, which was the greatest regret of the day. It was plain and worse than normal coffee. It was quite fun somehow when we tried to mix the milk, chocolate and vanilla powder into it but the chocolate powder would not dissolve. Whereas, the other ingredients did not help to provide any result. I named the final product as “ice café americaNO drink milk”.

I was very surprised to receive a call from a private number. I was expecting it to be from Kelly but it turned out to be Suimin. We were supposed to meet up after her mum went for concert since she was at Takashimaya, which was nearby. We had quite a long chat over the phone but with some long pause in between for she was busy blogging. I teased her so badly that Siu Hang was expecting her to kill me.

On the way home, I got a set of the straits times. Nonetheless, it was too late to call and make arrangements with other agents for Kaven. Suimin almost used my entire night to look for songs and she would never stop scolding me; Chinese songs were easily available but not English ones.

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