Not All Children Are Child-like

It is really useless to argue with kids who cannot absorb logics. Even if you were to talk to them in a more childish manner than what they are, it does not work out. Thus, it is sometimes good to avoid communicating with them, of course not implying to all since most kids are cute and fun to play with.

In fact, friends who have know me for years will know I always put my status down in order make younger friends feel ease and less pressurized in talking to me but now I learn my lesson that not everyone worth it.

What is childish?

I put a hyperlink to my website with someone’s web address and label it as “Horny and open-minded bitch” and I tell that person it is my website and therefore I can do whatever I want.

Sometimes it is fun to joke around with friends but when things get nasty somehow, it turns quite sick as well. When your friend claims that she will not be annoyed even if you threaten to take revenge, do not believe. Seriously, you will never realise how dark her face can get in front of her monitor. Sooner or later you will realise her Chicky Club members are waging wars on you as well.

Point to be taken note off – you have to be careful with words as well. Take for example, if one day you met a fat lady who is rolling on the floor in pains and you ask her, “Is your baby coming out now?”

If she replies “Yea yea”, do not take her reply as “yes” and call the ambulance; she might just claim that she is just having a stomachache.

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