Second Day of Chinese New Year

[Monday, 19 February, 2007]

The night went on as usual with blogging and updating of my websites into near dawn. I woke up at around 3pm then, which was a new record for so many donkey months.

I played my game again in this really stupid New Year day when there was no house visiting or any other event.

In the late evening, my mum wanted to go to the River Ang Bao again. Since she did not cook or buy anything, I had to accompany my whole family to go there. We dined at the Amara hotel’s Burger King before proceeding to the bus-stop. The trip itself was shorter than the waiting time, which explained how long we had waited there.

The emperor’s seat

We did a few photo-taking before my mum started camping in front of the God of Wealth sculpture. By then my stomach started to play a prank with me and I had to rush to the toilet. The journey towards Cityhall MRT was as long as completing the Great Wall of China. The crowds were blocking my way and the waiting for the green man in front of the road seemed to freeze.

Luckily there were empty cubicles. But I realised many Singaporeans were actually uncivilised barbarians. Whenever they wanted to check if the cubicles were occupied, even though there were indicators outside, they tried to tear down the doors with hard knocks. It was very irritating and I supposed they would feel the same after swapping places with me; but since they were really retarded, they would probably stick to such manners. A group of attention seekers with no proper family upbringing tried playing with the doors as well.

Mum with the statue

Act cute


I returned to meet up with my family at the nearest underpass where dancers gathered to practise and perform. Then, we had a few photo-taking before taking the bus home.

The television kept me occupied with the Jordan Chan’s comedy movie.

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