Surf and Sweat Beach Volleyball 2007

[Sunday, 04 February, 2007]

Finally I got down to the beach again ever since I went for my calf operation.

This time was for the Surf and Sweat beach volleyball competition at the Tanjong Beach. I did some coordinating and gathering of the team members after Anqi listed me out some names. The day before, I called and messaged Anqi but there was no response. It was during evening, she told me of the timing and I started to message everyone immediately. Hours later, I called each individual and realised Robin was not going down. It was very disheartening for he did not even bother to inform me earlier, not even to reply to my message.

On the early morning, I reached there early but sad to realise it was the same situation like before – everyone was late. We were supposed to meet at 7am and when I called Anqi, she claimed 7.15am instead but obviously she could not even make it at 7.30am. Wilson drove Weitat over and I hopped onto his sport car for the first time.

We were so early, considered we were actually right on time. Everyone probably knew how late the actual event would commence and thus took their sweet time. Anqi took a cab in and followed by her ex team-mate, Fiona. Later, Jiayan, Weichong, Kian Yong and Yingyi arrived.

The first game was alright and of course we won but the next two games were huge disappointments. My back could no longer take it just before the first match ended and I believed I had contributed a lot to our lost.

Weitat’s stare

Anqi and Wilson

Weichong’s back set to opponent’s court. It was the second ball and back set should be allowed but the ignorant referees spoiled everything. They even claimed that different courts had different rules. This event was so unorganised as usually rules should be briefed before the matches start.

The chiobu flying

The handsome’s digging

His turn to fly

Weichong posing for the camera when his team was one point to losing

The two babes

Weichong and Kian Yong

Guoxiong demonstrated how to hurt his back

The couple from caught from far

My gay partner – Shunliang



Guoxiong, the champion cum buaya of the day

After the games, we stayed on to watch other matches and as well as to wait for the Surf Babe competition, which Yingyi was asked to participle in. the long wait continued and Wilson took his leave later. We got to play volleyball outside the courts at first and later, inside the court while the competition was at a pause.

The most beautiful babe of the day standing on the stage in front of the blind referees

Caught intimate

Shuai Ge

My da jie Peixian and my team-mate for the day, Fiona

The Surf Babe competition was terrible. Out of the other three competitors, none was pretty. However, Yingyi did not win the competition with her stylishness and attraction looks. The judges seriously had problems with their eyes and perhaps were either biased or jealous.

Guoxiong’s team got champion as expected but his prize was an ugly bag from the sponsor of the event. Overall, the ugly singlet and all the items inside the goodies bags were not really interesting.

We continued to play in the court after everything was over. Mingfa and Mingen came in to visit us. After all the jumping, my left ankle did not pose any problem but instead, my right ankle was unexpectedly giving some loose feeling.

Anyway, Guoxiong had asked me to join him in the beach volleyball training for he claimed it did not require too much of height. He even offered to partner me but obviously I was not the cut for it. With my terrible height and injuries, I would probably not produce any good result.

It was a fast cleaning up at the public showering area and changing of clothes inside the disgusting temporary toilet. Then, Mingen drove Mingen, Weitat and I out of the island. We went to Mingen’s work place, the power station at the end of the bridge for dinner. We met up with a few of his friends and
took the expensive food. The Nasi Brani was not nice.

After that, Weitat and I walked to Vivo City and walked around to find his stuff. I was behaving like a zombie. We met Junqing who was working at the G2000 shop.


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