Swim With Gilbert and Peh

[Tuesday, 06 February, 2007]

I switched my phone’s alarm clock to sound at 8am but I dragged on. My entire body was weak and hurting and that I was feeling as stiff as the previous day. As my mum cooked instant noodle for me later, I told Gilbert I would be late for the swim.

I moved slowly and even forgotten to bring my swimming goggle that I had to make a U-turn home. I informed Gilbert when I was at Braddel station and by the time I reached Ang Mo Kio, it was half an hour later than the agreed time. Gilbert arrived after me and we waited for another half an hour for Peh to reach.

Together we strolled to the pool with craps along the way. The sky did not seem to welcome us but alas it did not rain. At first I hesitated to get into the pool again for my body was already burnt so badly. The sun glowed to threaten me more but I joined them soon.

Peh kept us fit by swimming two laps at one go each time before taking a short break. Together, we swam and hopped for 20 laps, which was quite impressive for someone like me who had not been exercising and was already drained. After the eighteen laps, I ganged up with Gilbert to proceed with the last two laps without stopping and Peh was caught off guarded. However, on the last laps, I almost could not make it back.



Cute girl at next table

After washing up, we went to the Ang Mo Kio Central’s S11 for lunch. While Peh and Gilbert were queuing up for the non-tasty chicken rice, the table cleaner was questioning about my sunburn. After that, we went to MacDonald’s for some ice-cream. The little girl sitting besides us was a potential babe ten years later.

It was a shagged journey home followed by some editing of my websites before dozing off for a few hours.

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