The Cool House Viewing At TPY

[Monday, 12 February, 2007]

After so long, my sleepiness could finally drag me to bed. I was editing the MP3s using Winamp and I nodded so many times that I decided I should take this good opportunity to sleep early. It was only at around 1am.


I was not sure what time my mum reached home but she dragged me up and started peeling the dead skin off my body for the third consecutive day. That was an addictive game for her but if you were to think in another angle, it was quite crazy to wake me up just for that.

I had quite a good rest afterwards thought I woke up a few times and finally at 11am. Updating of my websites and coordinating of appointments kept me busy.

I left home at late afternoon and went straight to the office. Regina was not around and Sharon was at the receptionist counter instead. I found it quite weird to Sharon somehow; probably because she was quite stylish looking and I always had this mentality to avoid chatting with babes somehow.

Winnie saw me from far and greeted me so happily, which seemed like replacing new batteries to me. Her hair was nicely dyed and tied up. She was not pretty but cute, especially with her baby fats.

Louis was busy chatting with one of the big shots. I took the chance to use the computer and utilise the company’s resource by printing out some information. This time when he called me into his office, he was not as calm as usual. Friendliness filled the room. Somehow, he looked so familiar.

I set off for Toa Payoh immediately. I was so early and decided to get some buns from the Breadtalk. I grabbed a chocolate and a hot dog one and paid the cashier with my remaining two two-dollar notes, which was so pathetic. While I was crossing the bridge over to the park, I decided to enjoy my chocolate bun first. Somehow, I made a little mess there but was nice enough to clear it up.

After using the toilet, I set off from the Toa Payoh Central. I took out my note book and tried to spend the time usefully by writing down contents for my property website. I took another path to the flat but it did not seem as near as I expected. It was only 7pm and I started sitting down on the floor to continue with my work. Eventually, the second chapter of my new story caught my attention. The process was halted for so long with all the work piling up.

Both Kelly and Jimmy were late. Kaven reached first and followed by Kelly. Next were Jimmy and surprisingly, Cherylyn. Since Jimmy and I had met before at Tampiness, we seemed to be quite close with each other even though he did not pass me his name card the previous time. He was the easygoing type, whereas Cherylyn was quite gorgeous. This time, I could see both of them were trying hard to introduce the house to their clients. I was very happy this night with all the friends around.

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