The Disgusting Working Life

It is not always good to work in subsidiary company of a government company. Most people would probably think you would enjoy all the welfare and fairness in such company but black sheep could have infiltrated the whole place to pollute everyone’s mind.

In this society, some people are living to sell their conscience away for the sake of money. I have witnessed clearly how these inhuman have pretended to be nice in the surface.

Let’s take for example for a project where any agent in the company can bring his clients to view any of the flats, whereas the keys have to be passed to whoever asked for them. The holder of the keys forges ignorance of the location of the keys so as to stall time so that others cannot bring their potential buyers over to view the flat. This tactic stinks so much and truly states how top sales people get their positions in the company.

I’m beginning to feel disgusting about the whole place, where the kind-hearted are leaving. And if I ever quit the job or switch to other company, I would probably be disgraced for being here once.

In future I would never name my child Royston. No offence to anyone who owns the name.

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