There’s No Luck

[Saturday, 03 February, 2007]

I began the day with going down to Toa Payoh. I was quite lost for I did not know how to get out of the interchange to the opposite side without walking till the swimming pool side. Finally, I found my way to block 171.

Lobby, front and kitchen

Store room, master bed room and bathroom

Common rooms and living room

View from windows

I met Kelly on the way and we rotted at the super “chio” flat, which was designed like a condominium. Kelly left to collect documents from Grace and I was left behind to wait for Chris, who was supposed to come at 2.45pm. At around 3.10pm, I wanted to call him and realised my SIM card was invalid. I tried restarting my phone and he arrived at the same time. His buyers, the couples, were very unsatisfied with the shape of the house; the lady started showing black face and they left soon. I was alone again, feeling so disappointed for I felt Chris’ clients should have appreciated the structure more.

Adeline arrived after 4pm to get the keys from me, followed by Kelly. We had some chats before rushing off to Tampiness for the 5pm appointment. I seemed to be flying throughout the journey. We passed by many vehicles and I found them so slow. We reached Tampiness very soon.

View from living room with two common rooms

Living room, kitchen, bathroom

Master bedroom, bathroom, store room

The flat was just besides the MRT track and near Simei MRT. Basically, I could not stand it but it was really cosy and windy. The agent was very friendly. The clients however, found it hard to arrange their future furniture and I was idealess with the fatigue for not having even a slip of water.

Living room, kitchen, bathroom

Common room, bedroom and bathroom

We went to collect keys from another agent before going for dinner. Then, we went to block 554. The agent was a nice guy and the buyers were an old lady and her daughter. The old lady had been there before and was very interested in getting the flat but her daughter seemed hostile somehow. The agent was very angry and he left soon for he had other appointments.

We tried so hard to explain to the daughter about the procedure and she started to ask unrelated questions and kept repeating. Then, she kept asking about bank loan, which was totally out of question for her salary was less than a thousand dollars. We knew her mum meant well and was willing to fork out the money in cash so that she would not be taking any loan.

We switched to the void deck so that we could rest our feet but our throat continued to suffer. The daughter kept repeating the same question even after Kelly got fed up. She turned to me and continued asking until I gave up on her too. Overall, she had repeated the same question for more than thirty times, which was so crazy. Both Kelly and I pitied her old mum who was trying so hard to help her but we had to give up and leave the place.

The night ended with this misery that we always thought we could at least close this case after so much effect for all the JTC flats.

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