Things Went Very Wrong

[Friday, 02 February, 2007]

It was somehow the unluckiest day throughout my months of stepping into this line.

In the morning, my mum accompanied me to Singapore Waiting Hospital. The appointment was 8.30am but we were earlier. The receptionist told us the doctor would be around only at around 9am. They could have set my appointment at 8.45am instead.

The doctor analysed the ugly thing on my waist was wart at the very first sight. It was due to virus infection and anyone could have gotten it at any part of the body. It could be spread but not so easily and the worst thing was to have this virus got into the inner body.

I was given three choices, of which were to apply medicine for months, Cryotherapy or Electrosurgery. Cryotherapy was applying of liquid nitrogen and Electrosurgery would be a painful one with injection but was the most effective of all.

I took the second option and waited outside the room for another doctor. Then, I had this weird experience with the spray landing on my waist, causing pains and numbness. I could take the pain at the infected spot but not the holding of my numbed thumb, which was a very irritating feeling. The bill was $41, which ached my heart and I probably had to go back for another one or two similar treatment.

Back at home, I received calls from Kelly and started to get cracking. She had a bad news for me, which was the application for the Toa Payoh flat was rejected. We were too excited in getting it and did not realise Chinese was not eligible in that month.

I tried hard to alias with other agents to deal with the JTC flats. One frustrating thing was nobody could find the block 610 Ang Mo Kio keys as Louis had left for overseas. The struggle to get hold of the keys was tough.

At around 2pm, I rushed to office to get and return some keys before rushing down to Ang Mo Kio. The speed walk towards Redhill MRT was tiring and boring. Royston called me just before I reached the destination, which slowed me down a lot, causing me to miss a train and a seven-minute delay. I got to see many cute uniform girls throughout the journey.

I reached block 219 at 2pm sharp with my swift pace and Stanley was already there with his buyers. I was shocked when he claimed that his wife was working in my company and somehow I realised I might be screwed up; he could use our time to show him the flats and close under his wife’s name.

Ah Beng and Ah Lian at Ang Mo Kio. The girl in white clothes looked sweet but she smoked.

Later on, Kelly had a long struggle over the phone to trace whoever took some keys. The managers of those teams certainly sucked terribly for unable to account for the keys. I was watching some students downstairs the block, creating nuisance and one of the sweet girls was actually smoking. Some of them were in Ang Mo Kio Secondary’s uniforms.

Kelly left after 5pm and I went up to the Ang Mo Kio Community Centre alone to wait for Mingfa. Then, I bought a packet of titbit and a bottle of ice lemon tea from the provision shop. Just when I managed to find a seat outside the MacDonald’s, watching some girls celebrating birthday, Mingfa called to ask me to go down to Block 110 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh myself. It was another terribly tiring walk towards MRT station.

The trip was a fruitful one and I managed to get to see two babes, of which, one looked like Ruoci (definitely not as “dao”) and another resembled a prettier and healthier looking Jielin. I took a seat for I was already exhausted and each of them stood by each side of the door such that I was so lost whether to look at my right or left side.

Just as I reached Bishan, Mingfa called me as Mingen was ready to pick me up but it was of course too late. We met up at MacDonald’s and Mingfa insisted me to take a burger. We went up to the flat later and Audrey’s clients were late.

Just as they arrived and I was trying to do my best to promote the flat, Kelly called me. Then, Royston arrived to collect the keys and Kelly called me again, such that everyone was busy with our own stuffs. This group of clients left soon and I was so disappointed for Royston was bringing his clients for a second viewing the next day.

We went down to block 171 immediately but Kelly’s information was so unclear. I called Lynn, and she claimed that she did not have any viewing with us and I was loss. I knew she was all messed up. We waited downstairs the flat and I was waiting for information whether who to contact.

We saw Francis Foo and Irene and later, Kelly finally gave me the correct agent’s contact number but she claimed that Kelly had fixed appointment with her only on the next day. That was when I showed my shagged face to everyone. Then I realised I was facing Peixian’s parents. Later on, another agent by the name of Adeline came and she needed the keys as well and thus we arranged to meet up the next day.

Mingen was driving us to Marina South but he did not know the way. I wanted to help out when we were at Kallang but I was not very appreciated since I was not firm enough. However, suddenly they changed idea and went to Suntec City instead by taking ECP.

Fountain of Wealth

Fountain of Wealth

We rotted there for a while and went to the Fountain of Wealth where a couple were performing live kissing and petting. Mingen and I decided to go down to try dedicating message to Mingfa and Meijun but they decided to follow us. We told Mingfa of the plan and he lured Meijun to other places, however, the plan failed as the insensitive and lagging touch-screen system slowed us down and the dedication system closed for the night.

I was quite lost with my way but managed to see the bus-stop at Nicoll Highway and bid them goodbye. My neighbour boarded the bus and we started chatting then.

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