To The Office and The Stubborn Notebook

[Friday, 09 February, 2007]

In the early morning, I was still trying to get the laptop done. However, there was no connection to my home network and that I could not transfer software over or go online. Then, I recalled notebook would probably require some drivers to be installed and that Kaven did not pass me any CD. The situation was terrible. I gave up since I was not sure of the model.

I woke up at ten plus in the morning unexpectedly. My work efficiency was slow and that I even went back to the bed numerous times and dozing off. Kaven made a prank call to me and woke me up.

Later, Kelly gave me a call to retrieve some Tampiness keys from the office. I set off after making some calls. This time, I wore t-shirt and jeans, but of course putting on a jacket before I went inside.

I stayed quite a long time there to alias with Louis. Then, I met an agent called Jessica and she asked for my block 219 valuation report which she made a photocopied one and I was not sure if I had done the right thing as I did not even know her well. I met Peixian’s parents again and her mum had a chat with me and encouraged me to be daring to get some business. After that, I hanged around in the office to chat with Regina before leaving the place.

I went to look for Uncle Sam and stayed there since Kaven was coming over soon to pass me the CDs. I had quite a long chat with Cecilia and after she left, I helped Uncle Sam with something. After getting the CDs from Kaven, I finally got home.

I proceeded on to settle Kaven’s notebook and after some trying, managed to recall some of the lost skill. However, the notebook was giving lots of problems. I managed to get it connected to my network to access files from all the connected computers but unable to go online still. I had some attempts on trying to use the recovery disks but halted the process for I found it useless for the problems would definitely arouse if I were to upgrade from Windows ME to Windows XP again.

I had a few of the important programs installed. Then, I sought help from Irwin and did some manual configuration of the IP address but failed. Even with my brother’s help, nothing much could be done. The worst thing was when I suddenly realised that the sound driver was having problems even though I had just tested some songs just a while ago.

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