Wasted another Day

[Tuesday, 13 February, 2007]

After the early morning jog, I started slacking while waiting for my sweat to stop flowing out of my skin before going to bathe. It was yet another late night blogging session and I only got to sleep at around 5am.

I received a bad news from Kelly near noon time when she told me she was too busy to arrange appointments for Kaven to view house. I was very pressured somehow.

Afterwards, I finally received good news from Cherylyn who told me her buyers wanted to have a second viewing of the Toa Payoh flat. It was one of my favourite flats for the condominium layout and I wanted to sell it off badly.

There was some mood to pack up my stuffs and wardrobe but my brother’s girlfriend came again and I did not want to access the room to disturb them. Therefore, I was left with little motivation to do work and got so sleepy due to lack of sleep. Eventually, I dozed off many times while resting on the bed.

During evening, I went downstairs to talk to Uncle Sam to find out more about his house. Suimin called me afterwards but we did not talk much for she was mainly concern about her locked memory card, which was the first time I heard about such function. Then, I started calling around to ask for the solution to unlock it when the password was forgotten.

At night, there was not much efficiency in doing my stuff for I was caught in too many different tasks and perhaps, too fickle-minded.

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