Wasted Work and Jogging

[Wednesday, 07 February, 2007]

In the morning when I decided to take my own sweet time and eat before going down to Boon Lay Drive to meet up with Jolee, I received a call from Francis at 11am. He told me Jolee would be going down only at 2pm and he wanted me to go and take the keys from James at the office.

At first I thought Jolee was doing it on purpose but she was actually sick. I knew well I needed not rush myself like usual. But when I got to the office, Francis seemed shocked and told me James was at the show flat already. Then he told me that there were many walk-in clients and James could not handle it.

At first I felt heaven was unfair but later, I realised it was a crap. I would not rush down specially to get those free money and I felt it was quite an insult to treat me like a fool. Instead of taking train down there, I took a longer way to take the bus to office and then had to walk a much longer distance to the MRT station, which was so stupid.

James passed the keys over to me and I was alone until Alvin arrived. Jolee reached at 2pm and she started teaching me things. In the late afternoon, she even went out specially just to get me packet rice and also a packet of lime juice for she claimed that I needed vitamin C badly for my dried skin; the skin on my face was peeling off badly.

I received a call from Kelly later and it was viewing again. Jolee and I walked to Jurong Point together and later, I dozed off immediately on the train. I walked from Ang Mo Kio MRT station to block 554 and was quite disappointed to realise it was a walk-up again. Then, I waited at the fourth storey for Royston to come. I was surprised that he did not introduce the flat to his clients. Then he explained he had told them to choose one out of the five JTC houses he was showing them to.

Living room and common room

Master bedroom, attached bathroom and storeroom


Common bathroom

At around 8.10pm, Kelly called me and she sounded quite irritated. I realised I forgot to call the co-broke agent for I thought he would call me when he arrived. He was waiting downstairs instead. I was quite lost after that and thus did not say much. It was also the first time I went to that flat and I did not even know the estimated valuation. I guessed that viewing was a disaster and probably a waste of my effort.

After reaching home, I went straight to see Uncle Sam. I wanted to go for a jog but was worried that James might come anytime to get the Boon Lay Drive keys from me. As it was getting late, I gave him a call and he told me he would not be coming over as promised, and that the next duty personnel would collect it from me. I thought he should at least inform me of the changes.

So, I went down for a job after at least more than four months of slacking. I went to the pull up bars with my whole body so exhausted by the beach volleyball games and swim. The muscles on my arms were aching badly but I was still able to do fifteen chin-ups with struggle. Then, I started jogging and knew it from start that I was not capable of doing anything good. It was the worst of my timing as expected, reaching to 15’41 for just six rounds.

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