Witnessing the Presentation

[Friday, 23 February, 2007]

I was waked up by calls, being entertained by Christopher, Kelly, Jenny and Grace, and another agent called Eric. I was intending to go to office in the late afternoon to help Jenny to submit her invoice payment but I realised she did not pass me Linda’s name card and it was no point going to the office.

I was basically rotting my afternoon away, playing game till evening before I left home for Bukit Batok. Mingfa’s sister had this friend who wanted to sell away his house. So, I took this packed train at the busy hour and saw this girl in Fairfield Methodist Secondary School holding hands with a guy. She sounded like those sweet “ang moh” girl but she turned me off totally with her messy hair like as if she had been raped. Her nose ring kept me so puzzled throughout the journey over the discipline of the school.

I was too lazy to look at the map again as I was quite sure the flat was near the MRT station. Since the neighbourhood was undergoing upgrading, I almost thought I would get lost in the darkness. This time, I took initiative to ask for direction from a passer-by and finally met up with Kelly.

Mingfa and Meijun took cab over while Mingfa’s sister, Jennifer, reached almost at the same time. Then, we went up to the flat. The owners were very polite people and I believed they have brought each other happiness throughout their years of marriage. The house was an executive apartment, which was big and spacious.

We sat down for very long to discuss over the details but I was basically staring at Kelly and not understanding many things; it was too difficult for me to absorb everything at this point of time. We had some miscommunication and did not bring all the required documents like forms for valuation and exclusive letter. We spent over an hour there before Mingfa’s sister drove us to Bukit Batok MRT station.

The journey home was quite a pleasure. I was at first irritated by two guys at Jurong East who kind of squeezed with me by the door side when there were available seats around and thus I took one of the seats instead. A girl sitting opposite me caught my attention. She was not pretty but stylish in her own way, which was very unique. She kept me accompanied until Outram Park. Actually, I had this inspiration into writing but did not take out my notebook for the girl besides me was also writing something and I did not want to catch her attention.

My mum reached home soon after me. I was surprisingly facing hunger even though I had taken a packet of “char siew” rice before going out.

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