Work and Bai Nian at Anqi’s House

[Sunday, 25 February, 2007]

I wake up in the morning in order to go for the viewing at early afternoon. It was the usual long way to Ang Mo Kio and I dragged on my feet when I was not feeling well. It was an unfortunate day indeed. I supposed I was the first agent who ever did not want to close a deal which I would make money.

I went straight to Buona Vista MRT and waited there for Meijun. Together, we walked to Ghim Moh to look for the rest and go up to Apple’s house. They started playing cards and I knew we would be late for the next appointment. We were supposed to meet the rest at 6.30pm at Queenstown MRT but they only planned to leave at the same time. I was quite nervous and kept looking into my watch for I did not like to be late. In the end, they only started packing up at 6.30pm and there were more things to drag about.

Weitat and I went downstairs to get some paper plates, spoons and forks. Mingen arrived with Tiffany and I was not sure what was wrong that Mingen seemed to be quite pissed off. Then I realised he was not joining us anymore.

Weitat, Apple and Meijun took a cab with me to Queenstown MRT. We were about half an hour late. Siewchin, Kok Chiang and Ruoci had already arrived, whereas Junrong had left to visit his friend meanwhile. Then, together we walked towards Anqi’s house. We met up with Mingfa and Wilson before going up together. They started playing cards but I did join in as usual. Suddenly Junrong called Weitat and since Weitat was not sure of the road, I was the best candidate to go to the bus-stop to fetch Junrong.

In fact, the gathering to me was quite a failure. Anqi was supposed to get her ex team-mates but none of them turned up. Whereas for my side, Mingli, Xinyi and Jinyang broke their promises last minute. Jinyang sent a message to the wrong number when he tried to explain to me that he was sick.

Brother met sister

My favorite picture (other than the one I took with her)

The dining room

The 3 girls

Weitat eating

Meijun and Apple (third shot and finally Meijun opened her eyes)

Wilson when he was about to mediate


The mediation




Pose for FHM

The grand winner

Biggest loser

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

Ren yao and babe

Anqi and Ruoci

They continued with the game while I entertained myself snapping around in the poor lighting. At times, I almost dozed off but Wilson outshone me more. We took group photos in the end and left at around 11pm.

Inside the lift

Kok Chiang’s cool pose

Act cute and ren yao


With my girl friend

I forget she’s attached…

I took the same path as Siewchin, Kok Chiang and Ruoci. I finally got to take phot
os with Ruoci after so long. Together with her and Kok Chiang, we shared a cab.

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