A Call From Anqi’s Mum

[Sunday, 11 March, 2007]

I was exhausted by the volleyball game hours ago. Going to bed was a disappointment once again. My younger brother was back from camp and thus I had to squeeze into the queen size bed with him and my mum. In the past, my mum would sleep in the centre but for these two days, my mum slept by the outer side while my younger brother took both the centre and inner side. It was difficult to squeeze a place inside quietly and gently so that I would not wake any of them up.

Kaven called me in the afternoon when I was only half awaken. When I wanted to have a game of Condition Zero, Tze Khit messaged me in MSN and we started discussing about websites. Afterwards, I spent hours on my websites.

Ruoci woke me up while I was taking a nap and she was asking about my company and I smelt something fishy. However, she refused to say anything. This time, she seemed to be busy even though she was on her way home and thus we did not chat for long over the phone.

It would be a usual day for me with my sites and television set if not for a phone call from Anqi’s mum. I was quite surprised to hear from her and she was very concerned about my current work. She also explained that the previous time when we went to her house to “bai nian”, she was too tired that she dozed off in her room before she could continue with the second round of cooking. I assured her that the main motive for going over was to gather everyone and the objective had been made. Then, I promised to go over to her house again to teach her some computing stuffs.

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