A Day of Phone Calls

[Thursday, 08 March, 2007]

My mum did her usual kind of self-talking to piss me off when I was busy. This time, she claimed that she was cheated by a photograph developing shop for a forty cents photo. She gave me no lead of which shop it was and there were at least four shops downstairs my house doing the same business. It was terribly irritating. She had filtered off my advice for her to develop large quantity of photographs at one go instead of a few misery ones to cut down on the price.

Work had kept me occupied throughout the entire morning. I took me so much to abandon my work so that I could get to sleep at 5am, but it was difficult to doze off with ideas racing inside my brain.

I waked up late as usual. In the early afternoon, I had to listen to phone calls from nuisance and cunning agents. They totally spoiled my day and pissed Kelly off so badly. Given a chance to turn time back, I would definitely not entertain them in the first place weeks ago.

During late afternoon, my mum’s boss called me regarding finding of part-time job for me. She told me to give a call to her client who had an offer for job which seemed to suit me. In the end, I picked up my courage to ring her up but was quite disappointed to realise that lady was not looking for someone to do computing stuffs as mentioned by my mum’s boss. However, her travel company seemed interesting.

I continued with my work while doing my resume until night time when I had long phone chat with Mingfa. We exchanged business plan and also about our team work.

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