A Need to Strengthen My Weak Injured Knees

[Saturday, 10 March, 2007]

I did not sleep early as usual. Tze Khit woke me up at around 11am and then I started to call people for the volleyball game at Clementi ITE. Tze Khit’s plan was to play at 4pm and leave at 7pm when the outsiders came but response was terrible.

I checked my phone and saw a message from Suimin and I was so stunned for she was in China. I supposed my phone missed her messages so much that it played on me.

Out of more than ten people I contacted for volleyball, only Ou Xiang was available. Perhaps, it was not really my day or I should just accept the fact that everybody had their own activities other than playing volleyball with us.

I went back to sleep after all the disappointments and woke up to realise I was running late. However, since Ou Xiang was planning her bath so late, I could easily guess that she would be late but not for almost half an hour. As usual, I waited at the seats once I got out from the train instead of going out of the control station and I supposed I was really brilliant. Upon her arrival, we strolled to Clementi ITE with jokes on the way.

Kaven messaged me and I was quite shocked that he had returned two days earlier.

Both Ou Xiang and I had rusted so much. We started off with two on two games but all of them soon started to slack around. Mingfa was playing game since we arrived and we soon got quite bored. The worst thing was that Ou Xiang had tuition at night and had to leave earlier but Mingfa did not know about it. We spent lots of time on free spiking until Ou Xiang left.

My knees were giving me big problems and soon I realised my right arm. They reminded me of doing warm up before starting into any strenuous activities, especially volleyball. The friendly matches started as late as seven plus as all the outsiders were late. We had quite good games with Mingfa, Meijun, Kok Chiang, Jingkun, Weilun and Tze Khit. During the last two games, I could feel the exhaustion that my brain almost could not work anymore and my smiles were buried off by the darkness of the night.

Wilson did not come as promised due to his work again. After washing up, we went to the “half chicken” coffee shop again and I had my chicken chop finally. Famine had almost massacred my appetite and I felt so full again with the small but tasty portion of food. However, Tze Khit’s steak was a total waste of money for half of it was fats, which defeated the purpose of him not ordering chicken chop for the fats.

I took the train back with Tze Khit and Kok Chiang and eventually reached home at around 11.30pm.

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