An End to the Rental’s suffering

[Wednesday, 07 March, 2007]

I was too carried over by my work again and such that I could only get to sleep at 3am. Kelly waked me up in the late morning and I continued to laze about until noon time.

I tried to get my ass cracking to help Cui Wei look for the condominium she was talking about and I got to surf some websites which inspired me. I continued with my property site design after that.

Justus came over right after school, refusing to take his bath first. I was sure he was able to do the comprehension homework by himself but it seemed difficult to kick his bad habit off. After finishing the work, I was stunned when he told me he had to do research. Suddenly, I started to analysis by myself that surfing the net was quite difficult from the past days with the emerging of so many blog sites all over the world, which might not provide the exact information. I tried to offer some help but was not very sure what he was trying to do and in the end, he gave up.

I continued the day with web design and the progress was impressive with the “approval” from Yaozhong and Gilbert. In fact, Yaozhong had helped me so much with the initial banner, which I had modified and come out with the current design. Even though he was colour-blind but the colours he had chosen was beautiful.

News of the call-off rental for Sam’s apartment did not really put me down. Things would definitely go smoothly if Lulu were to settle the repairing of the house as promised and not drag until the tenants decided to give up. I was very happy that it had finally come to an end, though of a negative one. At least there would not be any more craps from Lulu. Although I had spent so much time and energy, and even got drenched a few times over it, I would simply take the climbing of the stairs, sniffing of the smelly air and sighing for Uncle Sam as a comparison for appreciating of future cases. My main concern was facing Uncle Sam in future.

My mum brought dinner home only at 8pm and I was starving so much. Luckily for she did not stay for long and thus the television did not distract me from my work.

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