Bank Loan for Kaven

[Monday, 12 March, 2007]

This early morning began with screwing someone over the phone for the spam SMS. Followed by some work, I went to bed late again.

I set four alarms in my phone but I only got up after eleven instead of ten o’clock. Then, I got dressed up and left my house immediately. I was around fifteen minutes earlier from the appointment at Hong Leong Building. I met up with Kaven after noon and Kelly soon arrived. We went to May Bank together to see the banker to settle Kaven’s loan.

After that, Kaven and I went to China Square for lunch. The place was so badly packed and it turned me off. I queued up for the Japanese food but ended up going over to the MacDonald’s, which had no business. After ordering the MacChicken meal, I finally realised why so many people did not take my wrong footsteps. The food tasted lousy and the Mandarin water drinks was diluted.

After reaching home, I had a good chat with some friends online. Into evening, I dozed off for a while and continued with chats. I had Condition Zero game with my elder brother through LANs but soon was interrupted when Kelly called me regarding Kaven’s stuff. Suddenly, my brother stopped playing as well.

My work dragged on once again.

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