Blogspot’s Problem

[Wednesday, 21 March, 2007]

I demonstrated my hardworking spirit since before the start of the new day. One of the three new fishes that my brother bought was found dead when I tuned my head to the fish tank; it was quite sad. Daylight finally ended my work.

Louis waked me up at around noon for he realised I was holding to the Ang Mo Kio block 219 keys which I had forgotten to return. I thought I could wait till the next week so that I needed not go back to the office just for that.

When I realised I could not get back to sleep anymore, I decided to start the day soon. It was pretty rewarding to stay up till the morning for somehow it aided to my ten-bucks-per-day project. Actually, I was not sure if it really helped.

I spent the afternoon editing photos to update my old blog entries. Besides that, web editing was a routine.

Into late evening, I was dealt a blow when I witnessed the fact that Blogger did not allow too many entries at a day. I saw the verification column but when everything was filled nicely, Blogger logged me out immediately, which could be a bug. This was the first time Blogger was slowing down my development and I was so afraid that my hard work would go into waste any time.

I started chatting and discussing stuffs with Mike. A few friends messaged me as well despite the fact that my MSN was set to “Busy” mode. I did not mind if it was for serious matter or at least a friendly chat, but would definitely be annoyed if someone were to message me just to ask me for assistance.

I went to the bed a few times but waked up very soon after dozing off. Eventually I was up at 11pm, just nice to catch the “Four Famous Constables” on channel 8.

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