Count to Four and Sleep at One

[Friday, 23 March, 2007]

My plan to sleep early as inspired by Mike, met failure. Both of us were just too similar that we got more active at night time. For me, I always felt lost in the day, which led to slow progress of work or even idling; of course distraction from people dragged my pace down.

Before I realised, it was daylight again. Kaven waked me up after noon in regarding to his office computer’s problems. It started off my day. Brunch was Zhu Chang Fen, which was actually meant for breakfast, but I took it at around 3pm instead, and thus the dried food tasted bad.

There was a problem with my phone that Mingfa claimed he could not get through. I switched it off and on again before it started to work.

Justus came over with Mathematics problems; his mum had given me around sixteen pages of homework to do this time. My head grew bigger this afternoon and I could have completed everything in half an hour to end the suffer.

I had a long chat with Mingfa over the phone in the evening to discuss about stuffs. Later, Kelly complained about it when Grace failed to contact me. I guessed it was problem with Starhub’s poor reception.

My updating of websites continued.

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