First Day of Course after Four Months

[Monday, 26 March, 2007]

The stock market fell and it affected me badly; not the real one though. Work occupied me again. I did my best and slept as early as 4.30am.

I told myself I should sleep longer this day so as to keep myself energetic for the evening’s lesson. I could not remember if anyone had waked me up, but I told myself not to wake up even in the dream. I persisted until early afternoon before opening my eyes.

The afternoon was dull as usual, especially to witness the final result of the stock market at 3pm. After some work, I set off for the office at around 5.30pm.

The company was surprisingly crowded with the higher level people. I took one of the computers to surf net since I was half an hour earlier. Adeline came over to use the computer next to mine and I was glad that she still remembered me.

Almost everyone, except for three other people, was late. The lecturer, Douglas Lee, was very impressive. He was a good speaker with strong tone and gave people the confidence. I met Gary, who was Kelly’s friend. Then, Ruixiang joined me by my side and he talked too much, which was a big turn-off. The course went well. Mingfa called me twice to inform me that he could not make it.

I took bus 145 home. It was pretty crowded considered at the hour and when the bus was near Telok Blangah Height, I spotted an empty seat and went over. Suddenly, I was tagged hard on the shoulder. I turned over and saw Fenghui but she was alighting already.

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