First Encounter at HDB Hub

[Thursday, 22 March, 2007]

Hard work saturated into my brain again and this day I worked till daylight once again. I had some discussion with Irwin before I went off to bed.

Kelly waked me up at around noon time and told me to go and get some document from Kaven to submit to HDB hub on the same day. I was in quite a mess for I had to pass the Ang Mo Kio keys back to Louis in the office as well.

I called Kaven to inform him that I was going over and soon left my house without eating anything. I walked to Hong Leong Building again and after collecting the documents from Kaven, I lost my way while I was in search of the Raffles’ Place MRT station. It was probably because of the lack of sleep that my brain was not functioning properly and went in wrong direction.

Anyway, the trip was fruitful for I got to see some pretty businesswomen and later at the train, I saw cute school girls.

I went to HDB hub straight away at counter A and requested to see the officer at counter 28. I was glad that there was no queue and I soon submitted the documents to the friendly and smart lady there.

Afterwards, I went to Long John Silver’s to take my late brunch and I took Combo 1 as usual. As I was busy replying Kelly and Kaven’s SMSes, I forgot to collect the change from my fifty dollar note and was so embarrassed. The serving was so pathetically small and I was busy replying SMS that the lady besides me left before me.

I took bus 153 towards Bukit Merah. It was a brilliant idea for I would probably not be able to find a seat on the train and the journey was around forty minutes or lesser, which was almost the same for taking train and having to walk a long distance back to office. However, I lost the chance to see more girls. I was planning to sleep throughout the journey but I did not catch a wink at all.

As I entered the office, I realised Louis was not around. I passed the keys to Regina instead and hanged around in the office before using the computer to print out some research for Jessica. I was looking at some magazines at the sofa and the designs were so inspiring. Francis saw me and informed me of the news about future rental deals. I hanged around there until 5pm when the sky turned grey.

I took bus 145 home since the bus-stop was nearer to my house. On the way, Xavier replied me and he seemed to be doing good in BMT.

After reaching home, I continued with my work but I could not overcome my sleepiness. I managed to upload the photos taken with Gilbert and Yongcai during the swim.

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