It’s A Raining Day

It’s the rain that hides your weeping
You claim the sun makes your eyes red
Indeed it’s shinning vigorously somewhere
I offer you an umbrella but you push it away
So that you can shower with Mother Nature
I stumble at your recklessly dashes
You trip and fall but never want me to offer you a hand
For you never believe someone would help
You yell towards the sky and you roar at the streetlights
And you say you are practising singing
You kneel on the flooded road
Where the ongoing cars splash water over your body
You thank them for their donation
You finally sing a song of proper
But you make heart-breaking too obvious
Some things take too long to forget
It’s pretty obvious but you join in the pretence
You just sit there and let the rain wash time away
You give up because you think it’s useless

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