Loner Hates MSN

[Friday, 16 March, 2007]

Mike told me he was going to find an office space the week after but I did not want to give myself too high hopes for the moment. We had some discussions again and I worked till late as usual. I was waked up by Kelly to get CPF statement from Kaven and then I went back to sleep as usual.

I woke up late and my mum called home to check if I was hungry a not and I answered “no” for I thought she have important thing to do but would be home soon. Eventually, she came home at 3am and I really regretted it. I had just finished two slices of breads and thus had no appetite for the packet rice by then.

I went to find Kaven at 4pm. This time, I cycled in my singlet into the crowded business district. Even though it was such a short distance, I was dead beat upon reaching there. After giving back his bank loan papers and collecting his CPF statement, I took the route at Ah Moy Street home. Just after passing by the food centre, a driver of a parked car opened the door when I was so near. Luckily I performed stun by braking and twisting the bicycle to the right side, managed to continue the journey without stopping for a second. I was basically keeping to the left since the lane was small and the car owner should really look behind before opening the door.

After reaching home, I rested to wait for my sweat to dry up before taking my bath. Then, I remembered I had forgotten to finish up my lunch again but luckily the food did not turn bad. I spent the afternoon editing my websites as usual and had half an hour game of Condition Zero. I dozed off eventually for around half an hour but the loud sound from the other room woke me up many times for my younger brother had returned home from camp and was watching movie.

Into evening, I gave up sleeping and continued with my work. I called into the room but the volume of the loud noise was not lowered that I had to go and close the door, feeling so irritated. I tried to read up on a website recommended by Mike but I was distracted with other work and that reading was a torture to me.

At night, Kelly called me regarding Kaven’s stuffs and we had some chat. She told me I should not stay too close to my clients such that I would be placed in difficult position like when Kaven’s mum requested me to push the appointment earlier I could not reject her immediately.

At the same time, Suimin messaged me again to ask me for an English song. I seemed to be pierced somehow and felt so sad. It was almost every time she contacted me, she was simply asking me to help her with all sorts of things. Apart from I was not into any English song, I was very clueless about where to find them.

Peh messaged me so coincidentally to complain about MaxOnline. The network was slow for these few days but at least I was able to connect to MSN and other websites. Perhaps, it could be problems with my own computer or even the router and thus I did not know what to reply to him.

This moment when I was so pissed off with my half done work, and had to settle some money (my most sensitive hatred) problems with Kaven in the MSN and Kelly over the phone, while being unable to find the song for Suimin and did not know how to reply Peh, I seemed to be massacred.

Afterwards, I got more irritated when I was unable to do my work efficiently for the wait for everything to finish loading was long. It was so bad that I nodded my head a few times. Then, I started uninstalling Yahoo Messenger and running all the system clean up programs.

I had to believe I was unable to concentrate with the MSN opened, even though very few people had bothered to message me or reply my messages anymore; the more than two hundreds and fifty of contacts seemed to be decoration except when my need was required. In future I might consider not switching it on.

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