Lost Near My House

[Sunday, 18 March, 2007]

Weitat was sending Junrong, Jingkun, Junyang and I home. He went to Beach Road first before taking the ECP to my house. I was a road idiot and since it was at night and my eyes were so tired after swimming and playing volleyball, I was unable to guide the way. The problem with me was that I rarely take that route since I was always taking public transport but not cab. Moreover, I was sitting at the back with my astigmatism.

First, we took the wrong exit out and Weitat drove towards ECP once again by making a right turn instead of going straight. We went back to Forte Road once again and passed by Suntec City. When we were near the MRT station, I told Weitat to keep left and be prepared to turn left. However, he did not catch that small path and we went into Ah Moy Street instead and had to take the Chinatown road back to my house. It was really challenging to drive to my house for each path taken wrongly would require you to make a big round.

Blogging and updating of my websites took hours and thus I did not get to sleep early again. This time, I went to my brother’s room and joined him so that I could have a peaceful morning. I was waked up by an asshole of unfamiliar number. I supposed the previous owner of my phone number did not notify her colleagues and friends one year after changing her number and I was the unlucky Starhub subscriber to get that number.

In the afternoon, I sent an email to Kaven but there was a big error. Afterwards, we discussed over the cash he had to prepare but it did not tally. Suddenly, I realised it was communication problem again between Kelly and I. I was so disappointed with myself.

My younger brother and my mum were packing the room and dumping many of my mum’s junks. I was pretty distracted by them. I spent the afternoon chatting with Mike and Kaven and also, editing of websites as usual.

This night, the speed of my computer and internet pissed me off once again. Perhaps I should try to reformat my windows after years of untouched.

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