MLM Scandals

“Enyouth’s leader,start our week early by attending our morning grouping!Get ur news guy also!Learn from e best!1.30pm level 3!Miss it sure regret!” – From the owner of the number 90255061 at 0112h in the early morning.

After ignoring some of the SMSes, 96860324, 97457395, 90255061 continued to bug me and I knew it is not accidentally sending of message to the wrong person.

Finally I realise which group of morons have been flooding my phone. If my research’s result is correct, they are from a MLM company. I have never believed in such Multi-level-networking’s crappy products.

My mum is a victim of such scram before and has wasted thousands of bucks on magnetic mattresses. Seriously, after trying the rubbish for years, I can honestly declare that they are pieces of shit.

Do you still keep your conscious while you try to make your imaginary first million dollars? Obviously some beasts are money-grabbers and they can do anything like bluffing money from the poor people, especially uneducated elderly.

These money suckers definitely have ways to make their products seem impressive and workable so that naïve people can fall into their traps. I cannot understand most of the tricks as well. An example of the trick is to ask the prey to grab the whatever-magical-stone on the palm. Five minutes later, the fingers appear bigger and the trickster smiles at the “holy” stone. Try doing it when just a normal stone or any hard object and the result will be the same.

Wake up! If you still have your brain, can you use part of it to think about the fact that how many people can really strike it big through such scrams? Of course, some people can live without their hearts and make a lot of money in the end.

Seriously and honestly speaking, some of my friends who believe in MLM are people who are really psychos; they turn every friend off. They become lonelier and soon, only their group of people and the pieces of dollar notes will accompany them throughout their lives.

MLM suckers usually target students who graduate from their secondary schools because these innocent future pillars of the country are beginning to think about making their first million dollar as early as possible. Another highly targeted group is the army personnel and I shall not comment on the reason.

To be fair, I believe not all MLM companies’ products are scrams but I have yet to really appreciate any of them. If one day I find a product useful, I might consider taking it up to earn money and help people. But at this day when I’m still sober and have not lost my brain, do not try to irritate me to join your impressively implicated companies.

I appreciate friendship a lot and often get so rejoiced when old friends want to meet up with me. However, if your intention to meet up is for your MLM work, I may continue to smile at you but you will not get to see me again in future. I mean if you do not want to have another friend to despise you, please do not waste my time or treat me like a fool.

Back to the initial problem – if these assholes or their wishful thinking colleagues continue to bug me, I’m going to take actions. If you are going to play night-owls-games with me, I’m always free to entertain you. My last words for you – FUCK YOU.

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