Recovering From Failure

[Tuesday, 20 March, 2007]

Halfway through my work, I was distracted by my elder brother to play Condition Zero game again. We stopped at 4am after a few rounds of reaction training. My brother started to catch the soccer replay between Manchester United and Middlesbrough while I continued to finish up my work. I joined him at the second half of the match to witness the only goal of the game. It was a penalty kick for Ronaldo. I preferred a normal scoring, which would be much more exciting.

Kelly waked me up at around noon and came over my house’s carpark to let me sign the OTP for Kaven. Afterwards, I continued with my beauty sleep.

It was pretty disappointing to witness the failure of my ten-bucks-per-day project. It was a secret and thus should not be mentioned. However, the dejection drove me to strive even harder and thus the entire day was spent on web designing. I did not even want to go out with my family for dinner.

During late evening, Chicken-tortoise called me again. Usually, most guys, excluding Gilbert, would be very happy when sweet girls ring them up but it was different for me this time. She was asking me to do translation for her again. She did not hang up the call immediately but since she was busy chatting with her China friends online, we did not talk much. She claimed that she did call me to chat before but I did not pick up her call. Within minutes, she ended our conversation.

Jessica messaged me and I felt quite embarrassed for not approaching her instead. I gave her a call before informing Kelly of the requirement of a flat.

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