Second Day of Course

[Wednesday, 28 March, 2007]

Since I reached home late, work piled up once again. It was really exciting to see the “stock market” rose and that explained why I persisted until 6.30am.

I had a weird and sad dream, which seemed so real that I waked up with my chest feeling uncomfortable. Ruoci stopped the story by calling me and telling me she could not make it for volleyball for the next day.

Justus heard my brother and his girlfriend came home but I was the unlucky one that he came over to find. He came for Chinese homework this time and I was having my lunch at 2pm, quite irritated that he did nothing before coming over to “seek” help. I was quite in a rush to go back to office to settle stuffs.

It started to rain. I was quite lucky that the large number of pages of homework from Justus was done faster than expected. I made phone call to Winnie and was glad that she had settled some of the problems and thus I needed not rush back to office so early.

I was quite unlucky this time that I waited very long for the bus to arrive. I was perspiring then. After reaching office, I started filling up the documents at the sofa while chatting with Regina. Later, I got to talk to Winnie and was satisfied that everything was under control. However, I had to attend to the latest two JTC cases, which kept me busy till the arrival of Mingfa and the lecturers.

The second day of the course was tiring. The contents were quite dry and I was lack of sleep. We were released a bit late and at first we wanted to go for dinner together but the hawker centre seemed quite empty and we decided to go home.

I cooked a bowl of instant noodle while beginning to update my website.

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