Shit Spammers

[Friday, 09 March, 2007]

Mike finally logged into MSN to share his new idea with me. We had some discussions and I managed to get some advices from him. However, when I asked him about his future company, he told me it would only be ready at around August, which meant that I had to look for other part time job meanwhile.

This morning when my bad habit returned for the uncountable day, I continued to work till almost daylight.

I waked up in the afternoon and only had my lunch at 3pm. Progress for work was slow but at least I got to finish updating some of the older photos. There seemed to be a problem with my router, such that for the past few days I was badly affected by the lousy connection.

I was very pissed off with solicited SMSes. It was really absurd to make me delete those spam messages over and over again. The contents were always about whatever training or seminars, and I believed they were those psychologists involving in MLM. Those messages often sudden popped out gave me false alarms, which irritated me so much. This day, I called the number back twice but that bugger did not pick it up. I decided to just surf the net for official websites to complain about it but the government had not done enough to solve this problem after the announcement of the possibility for a new law.

Dinner was instant noodle.

I had a short chat with Bunnie and later, Yaozhong messaged me to help him with his data entry job. Suddenly, I received another spam message on my phone from the number 97457395 and I called him back immediately to screw him up. In fact, I was very polite other than my voice was loud. Seriously, if he wanted to play on, he got to shut down his phone till dawn everyday.

While trying to help Yaozhong, I was interrupted by phone call, television and my mum. Soon, I gave up the chance of making ninety bucks.

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