Sick Baby

[Monday, 05 March, 2007]

My sickness worsened in the early morning but I only got to sleep at 4am.

I was waked up by Kaven’s SMS as early as eight plus. As I tried to get more sleep, my mum’s loud chatting voice with the neighbours tried to piss me off. I went out to have a slip of water to cool down my warm body, which could be due to fever, and I never even bothered to see who was at the door.

I finally got up at 2pm but still feeling very sick. I went to meet up with Kaven downstairs his office to get some documents from him and I almost could not make it home. I overcome my giddiness.

The tortoise called me to get her a FBT shorts from Queensway. This day, she became a chicken. I seriously hated people who gave empty promises like farting but it seemed like so common already; the worst thing was to take my kindness for granted. After dinner, I wanted to go to Queensway to help her but it was already too late.

This night, my head was on the bed most of the time again.

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